Well, this is our first fic ever and we put a lot of enthusiasm on it. We wrote it in English so it is accessible to Mehr people, but it’s not our mother tongue, so we beg Du pardon for all our possible mistakes. It is mainly written Von three of us, with a special participation. Each of us took a character so we could give different points of view to the story. We’ve been Schreiben this fic for nine months oder so and it’s already finish. We wrote it while the TV Zeigen was being broadcast so many things don’t coincide with the show. We’re still editing it so, if Du have any consideration, just tell us. It has a lot of dialog, so it is easier to read. There’s a mixtures of feeling in the whole story: happines, amusement, sadness, fear... Our aim is that Du enjoy it. Please Kommentar after every episode and tell us if Du liked oder disliked it, and how Du felt while Du read it so we can change some things in future episodes. Here Du have our twitter and Youtube accounts, just in case Du want to suggest something as well as telling us about your experience with our fic:




Thanks and enjoy it ;)

In the middle of the night a noise wakes up Lisa Cuddy. ‘What the hell...?’ She gets up and goes to open the door. ‘House? What are Du doing here? It's four in the morning...’
‘Don't say Du didn't want me to come here.’
She chuckles 'I didn't expect Du to come here.’
He stays in silence staring at her for a few Sekunden ‘May I come in?’
Cuddy doubts for a moment before opening the door and letting him in. ‘And now what?’ he asks while approaches to her.
‘Now what? It’s Du who came here...’ her herz beats faster ‘So Du want something?’
‘It’s Du who made me come here, it’s your dream, so if I am here there’s a rational reason’
She didn’t expect that. Why was he at her home, just because she wanted? Cuddy stays still, staring at his lips ‘I don’t have a rational reason.’
‘Are Du sure?’ He approaches and KISS her sweetly.
‘No, I’m not sure.’ This time is she who gets closer to KISS him back, something she has wanted to do since... when?? Who cares! It was happening at last.
They KISS and hug each other strongly, suddenly a noise comes to interrumpt them.
‘Don’t answer... we’re busy right now.’
Cuddy looks at her cell phone, smiles and throw it to the sofa. They KISS again and she starts taking off his jacke while the cell phone continues ringing. ‘Your phone is a bit annoying!!’ She gives him a KISS and says ‘I’m gonna answer.’
‘What??? Now???’
‘Must be important.’
‘Oh come on, forget it!’
She looks at him smiling ‘Give me a reason not to answer.’
‘ME!!’ He KISS her and they fall down on the sofa. The cell phone stops ringing and they smile at each other. Before they can kiss, it starts ringing again. ‘Shit...’
Cuddy sighs and takes the phone. Bewildered she wakes up and turns the alarm off.

In the morning, House gets early to the hospital and leaves a bunch of daisies over Cuddy’s desk. He just writes “Happy birthday” in the card so she can’t know who left it there. House goes to his office before she arrives.
When Cuddy gets to her office she leaves her purse, sits down and looks at the table. She sees the bouquet of daisies and reads the note. She can’t help but smile like a teenager.

House is sitting down on his divan playing with his PSP. Cuddy goes to his office and is surprised of seeing him there so soon ‘Hi’ Suddenly she remembers her dream.
‘Hey there’ Without stop looking at his PSP.
‘Is this your way of working?’
‘Yep, I’m stimulating my mind.’
Cuddy takes away his PSP ‘Come on, be good, go to work..’
He challenges her and close his eyes. ‘Okay, I can use my imagination.’
‘Sure, I can use my brute force, oder feuer you.’
‘I'm sure Du won't use any of them 'cause I'm stronger than Du and Du need me here.’
‘I don’t need Du here. I need some peace and you’re everything but peaceful.’
‘I’m not peaceful?? Attica, attica, attica!!!’
She sighs. ‘Have Du finished?’
Cuddy sits down at his feet and waits until he stops ‘Are Du happier now?’
‘Not really.’
‘Poor you... Can Du make me happy? Go to work.’
‘Sure, if you’re happy I’m...’ He stands up and go walking to the hallway. Cuddy stands up and goes after him.
‘House’ She thinks about the Blumen ‘did you... forget it, doesn’t matter.’
He keeps on walking. ‘Whatever it is, I’m innocent!!’
‘Did Du bring me flowers?’
Sarcastically. ‘Me?? Flowers?? God no, anyone would think that... I like you.’
‘It was just a question. Wilson didn’t, and I thought maybe Du let your human side Zeigen for a moment so--’
‘Good attempt, keep trying.’ House keeps walking.
‘I’m gonna celebrate my birthday tonight, Du wanna come?’
‘Celebrating you’re aging?? Sure, how am I going to miss that? When and where?’
‘Tonight at my house, at eight o’clock.’
‘I’ll be there.’ He nods and goes back to his office.

The party starts and everybody goes except from House. Some hours later, when the party ends, people go to their homes and Cuddy stays and cleans up. Somebody rings the doorbell. Cuddy goes, open the door and looks at the time. ‘Wow, you’re very punctual. The party is over’ She closes the door but House stops her.
‘Aw, I’m so sorry, I was looking for a proper present for you. Here.’ He gives her a bag with an anti-wrinkle cream on it. ‘I hope Du enjoy it, you’ll need it from now on.’
‘Oh how nice. I’ll buy Du an anti-collapse shampoo, Du already need it.’
‘Oh, that would be so lovely!!’
Cuddy looks at him. ‘Well, now you’re here I can use you...’ she holds his arm and pull of it in order to walk him into the house. ‘...to help me to tidy.’
‘Me?? I can’t, I’m a poor lame man.’
‘You’ve got a nerve!’ They go to the garden, where there is also a pool.
‘And your guest are very impolite. They don’t help a single woman to tidy up her house after a birthday party... That’s the limit!!’
‘At least they arrive on time.’
‘Okay, Weiter time I’ll come without a present.’
‘Next time Du should come with a present that I actually need... But I liked the flowers, thank you.’
Touché. House Antwort back. ‘Flowers? I haven’t brought any flowers.’
‘Cameron told me that she saw Du with a bouquet of fowers, but okay, okay, she might be hallucinating... oder something.’
‘Yes, she might be hallucinating ‘cause I didn’t bring any flowers.’
After a while they finish tidying up and sit down in the garden. There is an awkward silence.
‘Want a drink? I bought a bottle of bourbon thinking of you.
‘Okay, let’s drink some bourbon.’
Cuddy goes to take the bottle and a couple of glasses. ‘Cheers.’ They drink and remain looking at the sky.
‘Why are Du here? I mean, the party is over, and Du already knew that when Du came.’
‘I don’t know. I don’t have any plans’ He drinks.
‘What were Du doing before coming here?’
‘I told you, looking for your present.’
‘You have been two hours looking for it??’
‘Yep’ Cuddy rolls her eyes and they drink. She stands up and goes to sit down on the edge of the pool.
‘It’s not cold.’
‘It’s what happens when the ground gives its heat to the water’
Cuddy sighs ‘Thank you, Einstein. Tonight I can sleep peacefully...’ House chuckles and looks at her.
‘I’m going to have a bath.’
‘Good, I’ll look after Du from here.’
‘As Du like, but I think I have a swimming kofferraum, stamm in the closet. Du can take it if Du want.’
‘No, thank you. I won’t wear clothes Du wore when Du were a man... nor your weird ex-boyfriends’.’ He smiles widely and Cuddy rolls her eyes again. ‘Besides, I know Du wanna see my svelte figure, but it won’t be so easy!!!’
Sarcastically. ‘Oh God, yes. You’ve caught me. What should I do to see your body!?’
‘Just invite me to have a bath naked.’
‘You wouldn’t do that’
‘Of course I wouldn’t, I won’t give Du that pleasure.’
Cuddy takes off her dress and has a bikini underneath. She ties her hair up with a hair clip and gets into the water. House looks at her furtively while she rest on the edge of the pool. House puffs and blows. ‘Well, I think it’s time to go home...’
Cuddy goes out of the swimming pool and covers herself with a towel. ‘Okay, but I’m not telling Du to leave.’
‘Yep, I know... but... I don’t know, it’s late and Du may wanna rest and stuff like that.’
Cuddy nods. ‘Don’t worry about me, I’m okay. But if Du wanna go... it’s okay.’
House remains thinking and Cuddy looks at him. ‘So...?’
‘Well, I guess it’s okay if I stay a little more.’
They are pretty close staring into each other eyes. Cuddy looks away. ‘Have Du dined? It’s a bit late, but I know a place where we can go and have something... If Du want, of course.’
‘I haven’t eaten since... this morning I think. I forgot. Okay, we can go there.’
She nods and they get into the house. After some Minuten Cuddy gets out of her room wearing a simple but beautiful dress and goes where House is waiting. When he sees her he can’t help looking at her breasts, actually at her whole body. She looks gorgeous to him. ‘Wow doctor Cuddy, why Du don’t come to work dressed like that?’
‘Because I don’t want to give Du another excuse not to work.’
‘Fair enough.’
Cuddy takes her car’s keys. ‘Okay, shall we go?’
House nods. ‘Good, thus I don’t have to avoid drinking alcohol, you’ll do it for me.’
‘You don’t need to drink too much either. I’m not your babysitter.’

They arrive to the restaurant and the waiter gives them the menu. He talks to House ‘I hope everything is to your liking and your girlfriend's’-
‘It is, but she's not my girlfriend although she constantly tries to have sex with me, but she doesn't have the right to do that just because she is my boss, don't Du think??’
Cuddy hides behind the menu and the waiter apologizes. When he goes, she blushed looks at House. ‘I don't want to sleep with you, that's what Du want. And do not deny that you're not interested in me, because Du are here right now.’
‘Actually, I'm Mehr interested in the abendessen I'm about to have than you!!.’
After a while the waiter brings them the Essen and they have a nice and weirdly calm dinner. When they finish and pay the bill, Cuddy drives House to his home.

‘Nice... Du wanna come in and have something else? A dessert...’
‘How many times do I have to say I’m not gonna sleep with you.’
‘No, girl!, I meant a drink oder something. Du know, bourbon, wine, soda, water... nitroglicerine maybe...??
They get out of the car and go to House’s. ‘You want to kill me??’
‘No God, I just wanna be polite.’ House smiles sarcastically and they come in.
‘I’ll have the same than you.’
‘Okay.’ House takes off his jacket, throw it to the sofa and limps to the kitchen. Cuddy takes off her jacke and sits on the sofa while she waits for House. ‘Here, two sodas.’
They drink together in silence for a while. House is clicking his tongue and Cuddy looks at him ‘Hmm the night has been good...’
‘Yes... pretty nice...’
They drink. House looks at her and she tries to avoid his look.
‘Well, I think I should go...’
Cuddy stands up and puts on her jacket. ‘T-thank Du for everything... except the anti-wrinkle cream.’
‘Oh that was supposed to be the best thing of the night!!!’ ‘Yeah sorry for disappointing you, it wasn't the best of the night.’
‘Shit...’ House stands up and they go to the door.
‘Well, bye...’
‘Okay, see Du tomorrow.’
‘At eight a.m. O’clock. In the morning.’ Cuddy threats him and he chuckles.
‘I’ll be there, boss. See ya.’ Cuddy chuckles, open the door and goes out. ‘Ehh... Cuddy.’ She turns to look at him. ‘Happy birthday.’
She nods and goes to her car smiling.

To be continued