This is an Artikel about how oldmovie is such an amazing user and contributor on the House M.D. spot. Also, thanks to all of the users that helped me with this, whether they're in the Artikel oder not.

Ever read a soapbox about House and had your brain explode from all of the things Du hadn’t noticed in the Zeigen oder characters before but now realized were true? Seen a great, very interesting pick, oder one that made Du literally laugh out loud? There’s a good chance it was Von OM. She’s written many amazing articles, and often posts very thought-provoking picks. And of course many of us know and Liebe the “Oh No” pick series. She’s even organized several different events around the House spot (including this one), and was the one who wrote the Munchausen’s for House MD articles. OM, as I’m sure lots of Du are aware of, is one of the oben, nach oben Fans in the House spot. There are of course many, many great contributors here, but oldmovie does stand out.

Not only is OM a great contributor, but she’s an all around great person. Here’s what some other people think of her:

oldmovie is someone who always has something intelligent and thoughtful to say. Sure, she is a total fangirl (especially when it comes to Cuddy!), but she is a phenomenally intelligent fangirl and inbetween the flailing (LOL!) she always has something insightful and critical to say. She is also so repectful of other people's opinions, even when they differ from her own. It is rare to find a Fan who is both deeply entrenched in her Liebe for a show, character oder ship, yet is so willing to listen to appreciate other people's perspectives.
I realised how important oldmovie is to this community when she left it for a while. Broke my heart! I need her around because she is super-awesome and always makes me feel good about House fandom.
To conclude my essay (ha ha ha!), I totally Liebe oldmovie and I may stalk her a tiny bit in a totally non-creepy way (yeah right!), but everybody should stalk oldmovie because they would learn so much from her.

- misanthrope86

Hey OM :)

Du have been one of the first people I saw around back in the good old days when I joined Fanpop and I'm so happy that Du are still around.
I Liebe your contribution of clever and interesting picks as well as your fanarts, so I'm very proud that we are running a livejournal community together :)
Oh and I remember how Du played House in the House spot RPG- I was always so impressed Von that because Du did such a good job, everything Du let him do was just so in character.
Marry Christmas!

- Olivine

Dear Ohm
My favourite memories of Du have to have started from the RP - and practically everything after. But lol, me and everyone else spent whole nights just waiting for Du to arrive for five minutes, and those were the first times I stayed up after midnight on a school night. I can't even remember the last time I went to bett before 12 now, school night oder not.
In fact, my clearest memory of your is being asked who you'd dump, have sex with oder marry out of me, polly and PG. I got dumped :P (Though hopefully only because i reassured everyone IF they dumped me I'd still Liebe them....)
Ohm, I Liebe Du XD Du have an amazing tendency to care for people, and do it well, something I've unfortunately never been able to do. Du are one of those very few people who are amazingly bright, fantastically caring, unendingly funny, and still manage to be nice, on the whole (lol), to everyone.You're one of those people everyone likes, and everyone looks up to, and I still say that after spending so much time with Du XD I'm so lucky half of your brain is mine. oder had Du forgotten about that? Muhahahahaha. Happy Christmas

- babybell

I joined FP in September 2008. Oldmovie was already a legend and one of the most active and insightful fans. She was probably one of the first people I became a Fan of. Something I won't forget is coming across a link to FP's Dictionary which contained the entry 'OM', meaning "1) (verb) To perform an act of extreme intelligence". I felt instant respect for this person - which only grew stronger as I read her articles. I still consider oldmovie one of the most brilliant House Fans and certainly one of the reasons FP is enjoyable and a Quelle of new perspectives to me.
- blaukat

I look up to OM so much, and I'm not even sure she knows it. xD She's really involved in SO many spots (the ones coming to my mind being House, Huddy, and Glee) and she contributes tons of awesome Artikel and picks. I'm really glad to know her, and I hope she has an awesome Christmas. (:
- EverybodyLies

OM...where should I start?
I remember how we got in contact, when I searched for players for my House rpg and Du took the role of House.
(LOL all these nights were I wrote posts instead of going to bett and I don't regret a single one)
But Du were not only a brilliant House (I mean it), no, Du soon become one of the persons I talked most to on fanpop.
I am so glad we met, because I consider Du one of the most intelligent, grounded, friendly and optimistic people I know.
Thanks for listening to me, for putting trust in Du without getting disappointed.
Merry Weihnachten :D

- Cuddles

Dear Oldmovie, what would Fanpop be without you?? I still remember the first time I joined Fanpop, when I saw your Kommentare I kept thinking "She must be one of the creators of this website!" I was like 100% sure! Du kept saying funny, but at the same time really clever things! I was astonished! I must admit, I adored and still adore every thing Du say and do!I wish Mehr people were clever, funny and open minded as Du are!Btw, I see that you're the new Photoshop magician! Du always manage to surprise me! Lol, Anyways, I wish Du all the best for the upcoming year, and that all your wishes come true, because Du deserve everything that is good in this world =) Liebe Du ♥
- EnjoyHuddy

So, basically – WE ALL Liebe YOU, OM! I hope Du have a great holiday season and a happy New Year. :)