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It was late afternoon and House was at the helm; the pilot had left them a few hours ago. The sun was sinking dangerously close to the horizon, sending an orange haze over the sea and sky. The smells of cooking lachs had engulfed the yacht and surrounding areas.
Cuddy came out a few Minuten later and handed House a plate before sitting on a built in bench in the cockpit, carefully placing her abendessen on her lap.
"We might as well make the most of it, " she said, gazing out at the sunset.

They'd gone to bett at about midnight and because House had 'dibbed' the bed, Cuddy was left the couch. She didn't like this idea much, so she waited till she heard his faint snores coming from the cabin. She got up and made her way in, her eyes sweeping over the peaceful House in his most vunerable moment-emotional barriers down. Mixed emotions boiled through her veins, she knew she loved him but she was afraid of what might happen if they became involved so she did the 'House' thing and raised her barriers to keep everyone out.

She slid herself beneath the covers Weiter to House. His snore became a deep breath and then returned back to light snores. He rotated and faced Cuddy, still asleep. She felt his heat slowly engulf her before she felt a big warm hand rest on her hip. She smiled to herself and fell into a deep sleep...


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