Neither House oder Cuddy knew what Wilson had planned and as they packed their bags, they'd never thought of the idea of Wilson setting them up. Cuddy had, had a suspicion but it didn't really bother her because House sagte 'My leg is too sore to go to work for two weeks and that he could diagnose from his apartment.'
House had popped two Vicodin before settling in for yet another 'I'm an insomniac so I'll wake up in the middle of the night' routine.
Cuddy, however, had already put herself to bett and was asleep. She had called her mum to come and babysit Rachel whilst she was on her 'business trip'.
House could barely sleep but not because of his insomnia but because of the excitement that boiled low in his stomach like a little kid. After a few hours of tossing, turning and fantasising about his boss, House finally fell asleep.

After what felt like Minuten of sleep [which was actually hours] House and Cuddy's alarms went off-causing Cuddy to spring from her bett and do a mad clean and get ready, while House still lay in his bett trying to hit the alarm clock muttering "Just five Mehr minutes, mum, just five,"
Within the Weltraum of 20 minutes, Cuddy was out the door and at the airport and House only just getting into the shower.
Another 20 Minuten passed and House had finally got out of the house and was now checking in, Cuddy, on the otherhand, had checked in, passed through Customs and was browsing through duty free.
An Stunde passed before House was wheeled onto the plane Von and airhostess pushing his wheel chair (he wasn't allowed his cane) and Cuddy had sworn she knew it was him, but brushed it off.
Wilson came up with the clever idea of seperating the two in the plane and now they were on the way to Greece.

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