In Dr. WIlson's office, nhe smiled to himself as he watched yet another round of banter between House and Cuddy, but there was something about that banter that annoyed the hell out of him. He thought about sending the two on an unknown holiday.
'Hmm,' he thought, 'Where to send them?'
Not long after Wilson had come up with his devious plan, he had gone online and booked to seperate first class tickets [return] to Greece and he'd booked out a private yacht for the two for two weeks.
House had only taken 5 Minuten to get Home and in the process had run 2 red lights, nearly crashed into a parked transporter, van and managed to drive up the wrong side of his straße because it 'was closer to his apartment'.
As soon as House had got home, his phone started ringing and being the lazy arsch he was, he let it ring and made his way into the kitchen. He had pulled out leftover Chinese and had chucked it in the microwave and popped the kappe off a bottle of beer.
He heard the answering machine beep and then Wilson's voice flooded the empty apartment.
"Hey, House, listen. I have a ticket to go to Greece, but I'm not going to use it because of my work, do Du want to go instead?"
House mulled it over in his head, 'Vacation means no clinic duty and no Cuddy,'
After having his dinner, he rang back Wilson and agreed to go.
Wilson, on the other end smiled to himself, 'One down, one to go,'


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