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The door suddenly swung open in House’s apartment one early morning. House was still fast asleep when Cuddy walked in bringing in some Essen for breakfast. She managed to cook him some speck and prepare a coffee without waking him up. An Stunde later, a piercing stare seemed to be hitting Cuddy from behind. When she turned, House was looking at her with arms folded on his chest while leaning on the doorway with a smirk on his face.
“Hope Du don’t mind I broke in,” Cuddy sagte before House say anything else.
“Not at all,” he replied. “I made Du some breakfast since Du just got back in from Mayfield yesterday. I figured Du don’t have some stock, so I brought in some,” she justified.
He just scoffed but decided to taste the first speck she cooked that was now lying on the plate on his küche island. She waited for his answer on how bad oder good it taste as House chewed and swallowed on.
“Not bad,” House sagte with a smile.
“Then get yourself in the bathroom. Take a bath before eating some more,” Cuddy ordered and in her own surprise, House instantly followed.

When she heard the dusche turned off, she began fixing the tabelle for House’s breakfast but she accidentally spilled the coffee on her, letting the dark liquid turn her beige hemd, shirt in dark color as well.
“Crap,” she uttered while placing the cup on the tabelle while looking at the coffee stain that’s beginning to dominate most of the cloth. She tried to wash it out with wet wipes but nothing happen. She tried wiping it with a Mehr damp cloth, but still, nothing happen.

Frustrated as she was, since the hemd, shirt was her favorite, she walked straight to the bathroom to clean it some Mehr not looking at her pathway. She walked straight to the sink before pulling her hemd, shirt off and letting some water run through the affected areas.

“Excuse me boss,” She turned around only to see House standing there beside the dusche curtain with a grin on his lips. She felt her face blushing as she stand there Frozen with the sight of her employee with only a towel and a massive shaving foam on. But at least, she was able to pull her hemd, shirt on her chest to hide her bra-protected breast.
She stammered as she tried to explain why she’s there with him but he’d rather walked towards her than listen to the words that are coming out of her mouth. She tried to Bewegen back only to hit the sink edge and realized there’s no where she could go. He stopped there in front of her without breaking any stares and she did as well.
“Shaving?” Cuddy asked trying to change the subject and House gave a playful raise on his brow as yes. He lifted one of his arms and showed Cuddy the razor he’s holding. “I seriously find it hard to shave them off,” he said.
Cuddy chuckled and snitched the razor from him and started shaving House’s face with it with her spare hand while the other held the hemd, shirt on her chest. Slowly, but surely, he was beginning to look physically like the House she knew before as the cave-man-like beard was peeling off. She turned a little to wash the razor before going back into shaving him.
He looked up while she was on his neck before he started squirming. “Stop squirming,” she ordered.
“Are Du planning to wait until Weihnachten before Du finish shaving me?” he playfully asked.
“You’re the one who wanted me to shave you, so shut up. Du don’t have the right to complain”
House agreed, but only in his thought. He slowly looked down at her that made her stop.
“House, let me get this thing done. We’re late for work,” she said. House just stared back at her again that made her feel scared a little bit. He moved closer before leaning down and started Küssen her passionately. At first, she didn’t kissed back, afraid of what might this be. A test? True affection? But then later on, her tongue found comfort in the depth of his mouth.
Without breaking the kiss, he took away the razor and pressed her on the nearest wall. The KISS intensified as they go along the way. House let go of the hemd, shirt that Cuddy was holding and she then let go of his towel revealing his impressive member. Then the bra went off, followed Von the pulling of the pants and finally her underwear flung aside.
He started Küssen her again. She was there against the Wand feeling the warm of his mouth as House began licking and sucking her nipples. The slurping sounds he made were to die for. Her moans tops it all as he began working between her thighs. “Get up,” she sagte in a low seductive voice. He followed and they passionately kissed again.
She felt his warm hand running on her arsch and soon raising her thighs upward and spreading it wide. She didn’t resist as her own hands rake her matted brown hair. She gasped the moment she pulled back a little to take in a few breathe. Both their breathings were hard and strong as House placed his left hand on the Wand as support and letting his forehead touched hers.
She looked down to see how arouse he was and looked up only to meet with his eyes and he gave a knowing smirk when he felt her hands rubbing his member gently. With her retuning smile, he slid it slowly inside her, feeling the warm of her body as he goes deeper. She smiled, closed her eyes in pleasure as she was biting her bottom lip as House enjoys the view of the seductive Cuddy before him.
“Ohgod, House…” was all she uttered to say as House totally gave all himself inside her and began Küssen her again. As he began thrusting harder, their sweats were running like waterfall of Niagara. Moans and grunt escaped their mouths as the sound of the skin touching another skin filled the once silent bathroom. Whenever she spread her legs wider, the Mehr he pushed in and out harder, which definitely a turn on for both of them.
Minuten later, Cuddy pulled his hips away from him. House looked back, releasing her from their KISS and letting Little Greg slid out. She made a small shiver the moment the tip of his member slide with her clit. She turned back from him and in an instant, he knew what she meant Von it.
He made a small moan as he slid his penis back to her, but this time, he’s entering from behind while standing up. Cuddy had her both hands against the Wand as support for both of them. As the thrust gets harder, their moans as well are getting louder. He was grabbing her hair as he watch himself Bewegen in and out of her.

It didn’t took quite long enough for Cuddy to realize she was about to hit the Big O she was wishing for years. After all, House was hitting the right spot inside her, his hand cupping either oder both of her breasts and with his tender kisses on her shoulder, makes the climax Mehr nearer. She urged him to moved faster and he followed, that was when she realized, she’s like about to explode. She made a loud moan, House followed, only to realize she finally came and with House continue moving inside her, only made a thousand sensations run from her pelvis to the rest of her body.

Not long after, she felt him twitched inside her but his movements were constant. “Ha!” was all House managed to say before coming into a slow moving stop. Their breathings were heavy and their bodies felt like it had been pulled down from the highest rugged slope of Himalayas. He gave a quick KISS on her shoulder before she turned her head and they shared another passionate round of kiss.
The moment they pulled back from their tongue wrestle, House pulled his penis from her as well while rubbing it still. His seeds were there inside her, but none of them was worried. She’s on the pill and besides, some of it were beginning to flow down between her thighs.
Cuddy rested her head on House’s shoulder but both were still panting and his hand still cupped one of his breasts.

“So much for the shaving,” Cuddy sagte with a smile as both of them stared at each other.
“You shaved not just my beard but my bird as well,” House sagte mockingly.
Cuddy smiled and let her self go from his hold. She started picking up her clothes, undergarments and his towel from the floor. She walked back to him, offering his towel.
“Get dress. We’re damn late,” she ordered with an afterglow smile.
House gave her a quick peck on the lips before she walked out to the bedroom to fix her self while he was there smiling as well.

[i] My apologies if this is too visual