Here's the last part to the mini series... :) ENJOY!!!

I returned to work after a week of Home recovery, as did House. BUt his week off was spent at my house looking after me. I didn't want to use my office, for fear of the memories that would bubble up, so I asked Wilson if I could use his, he sagte no because he had mountains of work, I asked House, who, unlike Wilson, had sagte yes!
Over 4 weeks House and my relationship escalated. He had offered to take me out as soon as my casts had come of.
'SHIT! THAT'S TONIGHT!' I thought to myself.
I was extatic, but, I needed a dress and I looked a mess from being at work all day. I left early and after my casts had been removed, but who was there waiting on my doorstep when I got home? That tall, muscly, sexy Greg House. I made my way to the front door and subconciously wrapped my arms around his waist from behind. I rested my head on his shoulder blade.
"Cuddy?" he asked, supriesed.
I moved myself off him, realising what I was doing, "Sorry," I sagte with a small smile.
"I don't mind," he replied, turning around and capturing my lips with his. My emotions were in termoil, but I succumbed to his will, Küssen him passionately back.
We finally broke apart, needing air. I stuck my hand into my bag and pulled out my keys. House snatched them off me and opened the door.
When inside, I dropped my stuff on the coffee tabelle and flopped myself on the couch, feeling a relief to be able to do that again.
House came and sat with me and gestured for me to lie down. So I lay down, my head comfortably resting on his lap.
"So are we gonna call this a relationship?" he asked putting his hand on my growing stomach.
I copied his movement and said, "Ony if Du want it to be."..................

THE END!!! :) i reckon it was a cheesy ending and that it Lost intensity but, meh... :)