This is me Wird angezeigt my gratitude to the characters of House.

Thank Du Dr. Amber Volakis, my Favorit cottage(twop. heheh). Oh Cutthroat bitch, How I wish Du had become a permanent member of the team. Imagine how awesome that would be? But also thank Du for dying coz if that didn't happen we wouldn't have had House's head and Wilson's heart. May House always hallucinate Du coz it may not be good for his mental health but it was always fun for us.

Thank Du Dr. Hadley. I might miss your blank stares and gorgeousness that is Olivia Wilde. I know your Huntington's is never going to be cured but I hope your last days will be wonderful.

Thank Du Dr.Foreman. I'm sorry Du had to be always the butt of House's racist jokes. I'm sorry they had to almost kill Du just to Zeigen that House cares for you( though Du didn't have to stab Cameron!)May Du find happiness although that is impossible on this show

Thank Du Dr. Kutner for the ridiculously awesome crawling record. Du may be technically dead but your soul resides in the guinneß, guinness book of records( does that even makes sense?) I'll always remember Du for burning "Osama Bin Laden's" chest.

Thank Du Dr. Taub for staying even though this Zeigen has insulted Du so many times. Without you, this Zeigen would never have someone to insult with their "small" jokes. Please keep it in your pants we don't want anymore first-borns do we? Child support is expensive( I think) maybe Du should go back to that cushy plastic surgeon job.

Thank Du Dr. Cameron for being the moral center of this show. Even though they have ousted Du unfairly Du have not sagte anything bad in return. I'll always remember your hatred against performance enhancers and that cool explanation about sex that made Chase extremely uncomfortable. Please avoid marrying terminally ill patients again, they will only cause Du Mehr pain.

Thank Du Dr. Chase for being so beautiful. I will never forget your " your mama" joke. That moment was freakin hilarious. Because of that. I no longer have anything to say coz I can't stop laughing

Thank Du Dr. Wilson for always being there for our Favorit anti-hero. From paying for his lunch to letting him stay in your condo. I cried with Du when Amber died coz she would have been an awesome wife(let's assume he'll propose no scratch that of course he will). Stop finding other women, Du and House were always meant for each other( as in bff kind of way but Du may interpret that in any way Du want)

Thank Du Dr. Cuddy for being so ridiculously awesome. My Favorit perjurer, I'm already missing your cleavage and those lowcuts Du so often wear. I miss your witty banter with House. As much as I hope that Du will end with House, it is no longer possible. I hope Du meet a ridiculously well hung gentleman who will treat Du right.

And of course THANK Du DR. HOUSE for giving us entertainment for 8 seasons. Your one-liners and insults will always be remembered. I will never forget the good work Du have done for that clinic, that smug smile every time your right and of course the eureka moment.Though I hope to never meet Du for I will surely end up in a puddle of tears. I will miss you, Du gimp! Because of you, Fans are turned on every time they see a cane and being in a relationship with a disabled man never seemed so appealing. I have never been so in Liebe with man who drugs people when they wouldn't shut up. Thank Du for making me see that coma guy and vegetative guy are not useless for they can be used as cup holders. Your ability to insult and be funny at the same time will always be admired. Du once sagte that "I'll grow on you" and of course your right. Du may be drug-addicted, sarcastic, obnoxious, racist, sexist, misogynist and basically a pain the ass(that Liste could go on and on and on) but that's how we like you. Du may hate this public display of affection but I Liebe Du House and Du will always be in my herz ( Wow. How corny was that?)

The end is near. Goodbye House!