Time for some analysis y'all!

I'm gonna just jump right in here with my thoughts. I have many.

Amber, The Psyche

Hallucination Amber is a little creepier than the live version of Amber that we knew in season 4. But she is merely a representation of House's subconscious, that has been manifested due to his feelings of guilt. To me, it is obvious why this has happened:

1) House is the master of guilt suppression. He regularly does things that the average person would feel incredibly guilty about. But House shoves that away deep inside his brain. That isn't to say that he doesn't feel guilty; it just means that he is so uncomfortable with the feeling of guilt that he has to push it aside as soon as possible. Feeling guilt implies that Du care, and if Du care then Du are vulnerable, and House hates to be vulnerable.
Thus, he has A LOT of guilt stored up in that psyche of his, and it was only a matter of time before it spilled over.

2) Obviously House felt incredibly guilty about what happened to Amber and how it affected Wilson. And once again, he shoved most of that away. But now House is also experiencing the guilt of not noticing Kutner's pain and thus being able to prevent his death. Of course, House has no reason to feel guilty about Kutner's suicide, and I personally thing House should not feel guilty about Amber's death either. But with Kutner's death, House's guilt seems over-whelming. Firstly, because House has a gift for Lesen people. he knows (for the most part) when they are lying, when they are hiding something and when things are not quite right. Yet, he missed something about Kutner. As we have seen in his diagnoses, he often blames himself for not seeing things oder missing something, even though such things are sometimes impossible to see. So, in this case, he missed something and someone he was close to died. In House's mind, if he had noticed something, Kutner would still be alive, so it is his fault that Kutner is dead. Obviously, that is a terrible way to think, but nevertheless, these thoughts are creating intense feelings of guilt for House.

Thus, in order to try and process some of those guilty feelings, Amber appears as a representation of House's repressed guilt. And as I sagte earlier, she is a little creepy. But why?

"I tried To Kill Chase"

I have theories coming out my ears for this situation. But I am gonna go with this one:

Amber is House's mind. What she says is what House is thinking in his subconscious. So, yes. House wants to kill people. But not in a literally "I'm gonna stab you" manner.

When running through some options for a DDX, Amber suggests that House "kill" a few people, including Foreman, in order to get the job done. As we all know, House loves rationality and logic. And logic dictates that if something stands in your way, Du remove it. Thus, killing someone would remove them as an obstacle and would clear the way for House to do what he believes is necessary. Thus, murder is a logical, practical solution. And remember that Amber is vocalising House's subconscious thoughts, not his conscious intentions.

So did House try to kill Chase?

Yes. But here is the main point to my theory:

Amber (aka House's disturbed and guilt-ridden subconscious) is pushing the boundaries of mortality. House's guilt about the deaths of two people who were special to him has led him to (subconsciously) Frage the nature of mortality and push the boundaries of life and death.

So House's attempt to kill Chase performed 2 functions:

1) It was a direct challenge to mortality. Von letting Chase lick a strawberry-flavoured stripper (LOL!), House was directly threatening the life of someone close to him. I think this probably equates to how he feels about Kutner’s death too, as Von not noticing Kutner's pain, House feels as though he pushed Kutner to commit suicide. Of course, in Chase's case House knew that there would be plenty of doctors around to save Chase. So House's subconscious was playing with mortality.

2) It was an attempt to screw with happiness. As House pointed out, he does not want Cameron. Amber (subconscious House) seemed to believe otherwise, as suggested Von a very creepy smile. Now at this point, my Hameron fingers are crossed, my Chameron fingers are balled in a fist, my Huddy fingers are confused and my other shipping fingers don't care. But Amber says that House has never been a Fan of other people's happiness. So, my interpretation of that is that House subconsciously really did want to cause other people. He is in such intense emotional pain himself and he is sick of his subconscious and conscious turmoil and wants to sabotage other people's happiness. It is almost as though he just cannot even stand to see other people happy when he is in such terrible emotional and physical pain.
The choice of Chase to be House's "victim" was one of convenience Mehr than anything. But from my Hameron perspective, I think Von threatening Chase's life, House was trying to symbolically keep Cameron for himself. Cameron is the one person, I believe, who House will always want to take care of him, both physically and emotionally.

Overall, House is having a very difficult time dealing with Kutner's death and the feelings that that incident brought up for him. Due to his lack of sleep and overwhelming emotional state, he has begun to rely on himself too much, rather than being vulnerable Von asking for help, and is thus listening to a part of his mind that is particularly disturbed Von the Kürzlich events.

So those are some of my many thoughts. Let me know if Du think that I am nuts too!
Amber, also known as House's Subconscious