We are gathered here today to whine about the death of a beloved tv series: House MD. Many Fans have agreed that it was time for Dr Gregory House to retire kicking arsch and saving lives. Many other Fans knelt to the ground, raised their fists to the sky and screamed "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" through hysterical tears. Others still were somewhere inbetween not caring and emotional numbness. Personally, I'm pretty sure I rapid-cycled through four of the Five Stages of Grief in about span of about one minute...

It was fitting that I should find out this horrible news via Fanpop. Links popped up in Updates and my universe quickly crumbled. Here is, roughly, my stream of consciousness during the moments I found out that my favourite Zeigen had been cancelled:


Bitch, please. This happens every year. This ain't for reals. Nah. Its just a joke oder something, right? Right?! And then it hit me...


What the fuck?! How could they do this?! Why would they do this?! Bleep bleep bleepidy bleep bleep bleep!!!!! There isn't any reason to Abbrechen the show! Ratings are high enough. Core Fans still Liebe the show. I Liebe the show! Its my show! They can't take it away from me, those damned assholes! Why would they do this to me?! Which led to...


It will be fine. It'll get picked up Von another company and they'll keep making it just like before. oder maybe when they see how much the Fans still want the show, they'll change their minds and keep it going! It'll all work out. Everything will be fine! I hope... Which naturally led me into...


Its over. Its done. Its never coming back. Everything I loved has been destroyed. Its all over. I'm sad. Sad. Sad. Sad. Might cry a little. Just gonna sit here and stare out the window for half an Stunde and do nothing. What is the point of doing anything when they just Abbrechen your favourite tv Zeigen without even asking if that was ok with you? I'm just gonna sit and be sad. Very sad.
And the stage I haven't made it to yet is...


Recently, another one of my favourite shows, 'Chuck', also got cancelled, but it had always been on the verge of cancellation, and I am somewhat accepting of its impending doom. I eventually accepted the end of 'Boston Legal', and 'Scrubs' managed to kinda fizzle out and make it a little easier to let go of.
But this is 'House MD.' This show, as weird as it sounds (well, maybe not to y'all around here, because we are all nuts on Fanpop), has been an extremely important part of my life ever since I finally got to watch an episode (2x23 'Who's Your Daddy?') on tv. The back-story is that my parents always watched something else whenever 'House MD' was on, so my brother and I never got to watch it. So, one fateful day, we got to watch it and I fell in love. Hard.
I've never loved a tv Zeigen to the extent that I Liebe 'House MD.' Nothing has ever come close. And I knew this Tag would come. Every Zeigen comes to an end (except 'Coronation Street', right?! Why can't 'House MD' be like 'Coronation Street'? I'd watch 50 years of Dr Gregory House!) and I knew I'd have to let go of 'House MD' someday, and yet I am no Mehr prepared for this news than if I had heard it 4, 5, 6 years ago.
I'm not a crier. I don't cry in tv shows oder Filme that often/ever. But I cry like a baby every time I see Taub sitting on that bench crying over Kutner's death in 5x20 'Simple Explanation.' My family think I'm nuts. But, for whatever reason, I have a phenomenally strong emotional attachment to the characters in the Zeigen and the experience of watching the Zeigen in general. The Zeigen brought me here, to Fanpop, where I have met some really neat-o people who have shared their own insane House-love with me, and have let me share my insane House-love with them. Fortunately, while the Zeigen is kicking the bucket, this place doesn't have to die along with it. And that is pretty cool.

At the end of the day, people have real problems. Poverty, abuse, violence, illness: these are real problems. I mean, it is ok to take time to acknowledge the end of an era and get upset about the demise of what I would suspect is an institution for a lot of us here. So just thought I would share my soul's pain with all of you, like we have done so many times before when a character has died oder an storyline has suprised us. Feel free to Kommentar with your own reaction stories oder stories about how Du discovered the Zeigen oder had an inappropriate emotional reaction. ♥
That's all folks!