After watching last night's finale, I can better understand Lisa's decision to leave HOUSE and I can see why Hugh is hinting that Weiter season will be his last. I imagine he wishes he had never signed on for Season 8.

I have always been a big Fan of HOUSE, Hugh (especially Hugh!) Lisa and Huddy. But after last night's fiasco I'm wondering if this episode was written Von the proverbial group of monkeys locked in a room with computers. Unless the finale is explained as another dream sequence oder Fantasy (lame) I can't see anywhere left for this story to go.

House's medical genius has been rendered nearly irrelevant. He simply cannot be trusted to function rationally out on his own. He's gone beyond putting himself in danger and potentially putting his patients at risk; he is now putting others in danger as well. He needs to be in jail oder institutionalized. Viewers would have no interest in watching a trial and we've already "been there, done that" with regard to a rehab oder psychiatric facility.

If House is gone, there is no HOUSE!

If Von some wildly imaginative and totally Unglaublich scenario, House did return to the hospital, Cuddy has witnessed House put her life, her friends' lives and her daughter's life in extreme danger. He had no way of knowing whether oder not Rachel was at home.

As a mature, intelligent human being, regardless of how she may have felt (or still feels) about him, she must now realize that she cannot risk having any kind of contact with him. She would have to leave the hospital and Bewegen away. The hospital would need a new administrator.

I just don't see Wilson in the role of an administrator. Besides Robert Sean Leonard also seems to be tiring of HOUSE and would like to do Mehr stage work. If the hospital were to hire a new administrator, it is highly unlikely that he oder she could be as tolerant of House as Cuddy was. He would be fired and, again, without House there is no HOUSE!

I am very sad about losing my Favorit Zeigen but I guess I'd prefer killing it now rather than watch it limp away dying a slow and painful death. I hope the actors go on to other endeavors that I can watch and enjoy.

But my thoughts now are RIP, HOUSE!