As Du all know, cuddy is not coming back. this was devastating news to me on many levels. just when the huddy majic was rekindling, it ends. to me, this is the end of the road. house is done. period. cuddy was the only person who could truly control him. wilson would try but house only REALLY change his character for cuddy. cuddy was his world. she was the only one who could keep him from doing stupid things but still knew when it was appropriate to say yes. she could tell when house had a good idea but she could also keep house from killing the patient. she knew of his unique and genius thinking but she also knew of her priorities. that's why nobody, not even cameron, could do her job. she was also the only one who wouldn't feuer him and kept the department running. without her, house would be out of a career. she did so much to cover for him and no other dean of medicine would do that kind of thing for a person like house. if cuddy is gone, his career, the team, his life, the whole Zeigen crumbles. Du can take people off of the team but Du can't break the oben, nach oben 3 players. It's like red, blue, and yellow. they are the primary characters that create the others. without them, there is no show. without one, Du can't make all the Farben and the regenbogen is incomplete. they will always hold eachother together and be the baseline of the series. take one away, and Du are left with nothing. the Zeigen is crumbling. they can attempt to pick up the peices and try t put it together but the Zeigen is still broken and no matter how good the writting is, there will still be cracks. I hope they find a way to bring her back, otherwise, there will be no rainbow, only a dark, endless storm. (plus, no cuddy=no rachel D,X)