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posted by zubeerfaan
I think this chapter

kinda sucks but please tell me what Du think;D

at the airport in new jersey

„where the hell is he ?? the clock is 3 : 15“

cuddy sagte in an angry tone

„you know him he is always late ohh there he

comes“ wilson replied

„house Du were supposed to be here 15 Minuten

ago“ cuddy sagte as she handed house his boarding


„Ohhh i am soooo sorry i just ohh good i can’t

belive it“ house sagte in an dramatic tone as they

started to walk to the security check

„Shut up“ she sagte annoyed

As they were walking house slipped some iron

thing (sorry I don’t know...
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posted by zubeerfaan
i was bored and wanted to write something and this is the first thing that came to my mind and so i wrote it
hope Du like it and plz comment!!;D

ohh and i am sorry for my typing english is not my first langue i am from sweden and i am only thriteen so i havent been learning for a long time


House,wilson and cuddy are going on a conference in Amsterdam


PATH hallway
,,HOUSE!! We are going to amsterdam tomorrow Du can go Home and pack,, cuddy sagte to house Monday morning at PPTH
,,wait?? What?...
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