Horrorfilme Does Anyone Know This Film.

Aileendamen posted on Oct 17, 2007 at 01:20PM
Okay I need some help here! When I was young (about 7) my uncle watchted a film and I hid and watch about 15 minutes with him...we where talking about this and we didn't know which film it was...so HELP!!

I remember this: a woman giving birth to a monster wich eats a way true here, leave a bloody whole in the bed than makes his way out of the hospital killing some nurses (by eating them) and I remember him and the freeway stopping a car or something.

I know this is very little information but its all I have! so I you think you know this please respond!
The film will be made in the 80s (i was 7 in 91)

thank you

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr bluej12 said…
from what you described im guessing its this movie read and see if anything else rings a bell

IT'S ALIVE (1974)
"I don’t want my baby to be….dead."
"Your baby is very much alive, Mrs Davis…."

Director: Larry Cohen

Starring: John P. Ryan, Sharon Farrell, James Dixon, Shamus Locke, Daniel Holzman, William Wellman Jr, Andrew Duggan, Guy Stockwell

Screenplay: Larry Cohen

Synopsis: Late one night, Lenore Davis (Sharon Farrell) goes into labour. Her husband, Frank (John P. Ryan), wakes the couple’s eleven-year-old son, Chris (Daniel Holzman), and tells him that he must get dressed. On their way to the hospital, Frank and Lenore drop Chris off at the home of their friend, Charley (William Wellman Jr). Initially, everything seems to be fine, but as the labour progresses Lenore becomes convinced that something is wrong. She tries to convey her fears to her doctor but he dismisses them, telling her that the only problem is that her baby is very big. Out in the corridor, Frank paces aimlessly, stopping dead when he sees someone stagger from the labour ward and collapse. Running to the fallen man, Frank sees that his face and neck have been ripped open. Terrified for Lenore, Frank rushes into the ward, where he finds a scene of carnage: the entire obstetrics team is dead, while Lenore, still strapped to the delivery table, screams for her baby. But there is no sign of the child…. Police Lieutenant Perkins (James Dixon) is placed in charge of the investigation. Frank insists that the baby has been abducted, and threatens to sue the hospital. Perkins tells him that the only way out of the delivery room was via a skylight too small for an adult person to fit through. Dr Norton (Shamus Locke) asks Frank and Lenore to undergo a series of tests. Frank refuses angrily. Ignoring him, Norton asks Lenore whether she could have been exposed to radioactivity during her pregnancy, as the only explanation he can offer is that some sort of genetic damage caused the baby to be born mutated. When Frank rejects this notion, Norton points out that, early in Lenore’s pregnancy, the Davises inquired about a possible abortion. Frank denies that there was a medical reason for this. When Perkins and Norton leave the Davises alone, Frank speaks bitterly of their apparent determination to blame them for the baby’s condition. Lenore observes wearily that they are the child’s parents. When Frank rejoins the other two men, Perkins tells him that the baby must be killed. Frank says indifferently that he doesn’t care, that the child is nothing to do with him. He then leaves the hospital. As he does so, the bushes at the front of the building begin to rustle…. As he drives home, Frank is horrified to hear a radio newsreader name him and Lenore as the "killer baby"’s parents. The next morning, a woman hears a baby crying near her home, and makes the fatal error of looking for it…. Frank goes to work. His boss, Bob Clayton (Guy Stockwell), expresses sympathy for him, but suggests that he take his accrued vacation time. Frank begs to be allowed to stay at work, saying he needs the distraction, but Clayton tells him that he is now too controversial to have a place in public relations. As Frank leaves, Clayton tells his secretary to have his desk cleaned out. Frank picks Lenore up from the hospital. Chris phones, wanting to know when he can come home. Frank tells him that the baby is sick and must stay at the hospital. Charley, who has been keeping Chris away from the TV and the papers, offers to take the boy on a short fishing-trip. Another dead body is found. Lenore’s nurse breaks this news to her, trying to get her to talk about how she feels. Lenore discovers that the woman has a concealed tape recorder, and Frank throws her out. Meanwhile, the baby continues its journey across the city, breaking into a milk delivery van to look for food. Unfortunately for the milkman, he discovers it there….

Vor mehr als einem Jahr Aileendamen said…
O wow you are the best! Thats the film I was looking for! YES YES YES finaly ! Thank you so much!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr DrDevience said…
I watched that movie when it was at the theater... and went into labor about 30 minutes later.