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)(ow do-Es on-E go about obtaining god ti-Er?
 madening_mahem posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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TheDarkEmpire said:

There are 2 known ways, both need a living Dream Self.

The 1st, and best known, way is his/her Main Self has to die/be killed. At or near the time of death, he/she must be placed on his/her Quest Bed found on his/her planet.

The 2nd way is the Dream Self has to be at the center of the moon they live on, where there is also a Quest Bed. The Dream Self must then die on his/her Quest Bed.

In all cases, the dream self becomes the God Tier.
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
PastaChick posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Edit: In the 2nd way it doesn't have to be the dream self, it can be his/her main self.
TheDarkEmpire posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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