[i]I miss you, I miss you. I miss Du so much I hate myself for it. I remember the memories of when I was crazy in Liebe with you. My memories keep looking for Du but find that you're not here with me anymore.[/i[

The Weiter day, after eating breakfast, Du and Randy go to the strand together. It's kinda empty cuz it's early in the morning. Du and Randy just wore regular clothes to the strand and Du guys walk on the sand. Du get tired of walking and Du ask Randy to carry you. When he does, he says:

Randy: You're so light.
Jamie: Hm...
Randy: ...
Jamie: Can Du pick a spot to sit down at?
Randy: Sure.

Randy walks a while and he puts Du down gently near the ocean. Du lean to Randy's halsband, kragen boneand Du sit in front of him inbetween his legs. He puts his arms around Du and holds Du softly. He can feel your breathing is off and he gets scared.

Jamie: Randy...
Randy: Hm?
Jamie: I Liebe you.
Randy: I Liebe Du too.
Jamie: I don't think I can go on anymore Randy.
Randy: ...I Liebe Du Jamie...
Jamie: Remember Randy, what we said. We'll meet each other in heaven again and we can party with the angels.
Randy: *laughs and cries*
Jamie: *smile*

Du just smile and Du can feel yourself losing it slowly and slowly. Du can feel your herz failing you, until it shuts down on you. Your arms fall to the floor and Randy feels Du not breathing anymore. Randy starts to cry Mehr and he hugs Du harder, feeling Du have no energy...

**4 years later**

Randy: Mom! Dad! I'm back!
Jill: Randy!!!!
Tim: Hey son! How was Costa Rica?
Randy: it was a great experience. But I'm back for good now.
Jill: I'm so glad Randy. Angie missed Du a lot.
Randy: *laughs*
Jill: Brad sagte he was coming Home tomorrow and Mark is out doing groceries.
Randy: *smiles* Nice. Well I think I'm gonna get some air.
Tim: Du just came back.
Randy: I know. But ya know, wanna bring back some memories.
Tim: Oh. Right.

Randy nods and goes into his car, and drives it to the lake. He walks to the pier and he remembers all the memories he had with Du here. He leans onto the wooden rail and looks into the water.


**Randy's POV**

Jamie saved my life. She...she taught me everything. About life, hope, and love. I'll always miss her. But her love...it's like the wind. I can't see it, but I can feel it.