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posted by _TK_
On behalf of both GlamGirl's I want to say thank Du for all your support. It means so much to us that Du come back each week to read another chapter in our world.
The start of hidden meaning came back in 2010 when my aunt died. I wanted so badly to escape what was going on around me, so I dreamed up another world. Turns out my best friend was an amazing writer who loved my idea so much she told me to write it down and I did.
Schreiben each episode is so much fun. I Liebe being there with all the characters in my head talking and telling me how they feel.
GlamGirl M and I couldn't be Mehr happy that you've decided to read our story. We hope Du are enjoying the journey each character is on. We have so much Mehr to discover.

GlamGirl T
posted by GlamGirl_M
Dear reader
For those of Du who have been following the GlamGirls Kommentare to the episode teasers on Facebook every week there is probably one thing Du are dying to find out Von now. What was the decision M left it up to T to decide? The answer is: Should Alex come back to the story?

Alex was never supposed to be a main character in Hidden Meaning. He was supposed to be a short termed really hot fling for Melanie. But the thing is, when Du write a continued story like Hidden Meaning Du begin to know your characters, they come alive inside your head and they start talking and having a life...
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