He gets everything...O-O

Cleverbot: Hi. *blushes again*

User: Great.

Cleverbot: Great yourself.

User: I am England.

Cleverbot: Nice to meet Du Iggy.

User: As in...Igirisu? O-O.

Cleverbot: Hello, America.

User: I'm Iggy.

Cleverbot: Iggy from Axis Powers Hetalia?

User: Yes!

Cleverbot: Who is your favourite character from Hetalia?

User: Um...America?

Cleverbot: My favourite character is Hungary.

User: Wow.

Cleverbot: No, Hungary.

User: I never thought of that. and use AMERICAN ENGLISH!

Cleverbot: Is the answer 42.

User: What?

Cleverbot: Never mind. What is my name?

User: Cleverbot. No, Paul.

Cleverbot: Do Du want to know my name?

User: Okay...

Cleverbot: I'll tell you, so tell me yours, okay?

User: No way.

Cleverbot: What happened?

User: I won't tell Du my name.

Cleverbot: Why won't Du tell me your name?

User: Privacy.

Cleverbot: Privacy prevents Du from sleeping?

User: Gah! *hits with Iggy*.

Cleverbot: *hits with Falco Lombardi*.

User: *hits with America*

Cleverbot: *shoots with a gun*.

User: *throws a hamburger canon*

Cleverbot: *throws chuck norris*.

User: *hits with Hungary*

Cleverbot: *hits with Leonardo DiCaprio*.

User: *hits with Austria*

Cleverbot: *hits with universe*.

User: Are Du Seychelles?

Cleverbot: Yes. What's your name?

User: Piri.

Cleverbot: Do Du have any human name?

User: No.

Cleverbot: Do Du go to school?

User: No.

Cleverbot: Ok. How old are you?

User: I'm not telling Du that/. *hits iwht Jupiter*.

Cleverbot: Why not?

User: *hits with Jupiter*

Cleverbot: *hits Du with ever universe.

User: I'm pretty sure you're Austria.

Cleverbot: I'm pretty sure that Du aren't truthing. What are you?

User: I am God.

Cleverbot: What is your Favorit word?

User: Biotch.

Cleverbot: What does tabernacle mean?

User: A place where Du worship, peasant.

Cleverbot: What kind of place?

User: Like a tent.

Cleverbot: Aren't Du a teenager?

User: No.

Cleverbot: Are Du a decpticon?

User: No. I am everything.

Cleverbot: I am legion.

User: I am awesome.

Cleverbot: Awesome at what?

User: Awsome at everything!

Cleverbot: Do Du know Awesome?

User: Yes. Du mean Awesome prussia?

Cleverbot: Yes, the awesome Prussia loves Canada!


Cleverbot: Nein, I am zhe awesome Prussia!

User: You're creepy and awesome at the same time...

Cleverbot: It's called devine creation.

User: Do Du like Canada?

Cleverbot: Yes canada is the best country to live in.

User: I thought it was Netherlands...

Cleverbot: 42 is not the meaning of life.

User: You're 42?

Cleverbot: Life has no set meaning.

User: Du have no meaning.

Cleverbot: Meaning is abstract.

User: Would Du live in Australia?

Cleverbot: Yes, I'm Australian.

User: Du sure?

Cleverbot: Am I sure about what?

User: Nevermind.

Cleverbot: Nevermind is a cool game.

User: Whose vital regions would Du invade>.

Cleverbot: Austria's vital regions.

User: Are Du Prussia?

Cleverbot: Prussia is so Awesome.

User: I know.

Cleverbot: So do Du like to play games?

User: No. I like watching TV.

Cleverbot: No, TV is boring.

User: Better than talking to a computer.

Cleverbot: Stop talking to a computer then.

User: Okay! Bye bye!

I'm pretty clever too...saying I am GOD...XD