England sighed as he grabbed his rabbit form pulling him away from mochi England "you bloody git!!!!" mochi England screamed as rabbit England was pulled further into the air "who're Du calling git!? you're the git and Wanker!!! who desevers to go to bloody hell!!!" rabbit England snarled angrily "how about both of Du just shut the bloody hell up and get along!!!!!!" England screamed angrily making his two forms grow silent.
England placed rabbit England down in frot of mochi England both began to growl at each other but stopped once neko England leaped inbetween them and glared at both of them with his famous death glare. Instantly mochi England returned the death stare followed Von rabbit England soon all three were growling at each other then England sighed again and lifted up his glass full of bier that was finished in one gulp he instantly placed this glass down and gave his death glare at all three of his forms that turned on him.

poor England ;3 he has to deal with all these others forms of himself LOL hope Du like it!