Need Clarification to things I think the Zeigen "Heroes" messed up with.

alright so there are a few things That are bothering me about the Zeigen Heroes.

NUMBER 1: in Volume 2 when Sylars powers are not working after he is stabbed Von Hiro, He kills the women taking care of him (who can shapeshift in a sense) and takes her power only to find he can not use it along with any of his other powers. But after he injects Clair's Blood he gets all his powers back but shouldn't that shapeshifting one come back as well? I say this because in Volume 4 they make sure a huge deal of him getting shape shifting abilities when I think he should already have them.

NUMBER 2: When Sylar does shapeshift sometimes his clothes change along with it, but sometimes they do not. why is this?

NUMBER 3: Why in Volume 4 when Nathan tackles Sylar out of the window Sylar is able to fly? I know he can take powers without killing but I thought he had to connect on an emotional level to do so.

There was one Mehr things bothering me but for some reason I cant remember it right now so this is all for the time being.
 skerlockholmes posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Heroes Antwort

cena-fan said:
Heroes is a stupid drama i just dont like it but i use to watch it
when syler killed that girl(shapshifted)at that time syler doesnt have any power but after clair's blood syler gain all his Lost power
all that i know

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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
rubberduck2 said:
When sylar kills that girl with the shapeshifting powers he doesn't have powers which means that he can't take the power of shapeshifting becuase he doesn't have the power to take powers get what I'm sayin? And shapeshifters can choose what they want to change meaning if he wants to be dressed the same bug look like someone else he can do so and I don't know about the last one that's all I got
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
Whoops I mean but not bug
rubberduck2 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Dragonclaws said:
I think the writers goofed and retconned #1. The story is that Sylar was only able to get telekenesis because he used his empathetic mimicry Von feeling sorry for that guy he killed, but he didn't feel sorry for anyone else so he only kept that stolen power. It doesn't really make sense.

#2: Sylar doesn't have full control over his power. Sometimes his teeth pop out oder something. It's probably a goof, though.

#3: Sylar wasn't really flying. He was using his telekenesis to levitate. When Nathan flies, his body is positioned in a very rigid and straight stance so he can blast off. Sylar was floating, his body held out loosely. Either he got West's power oder he was levitating with telekenesis. We know he did that back in season one when he came after Molly, we just didn't see it.
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
Cameron10 said:
1. Candice's ability in Volume 2 was NOT shapeshifting. It was ILLUSION i.e. "bending light" in order to force others to believe what they are seeing, an illusion. Shapeshifting is copying anothers DNA and changing their appearance to look exactly like them.

2. An error.

3. Perhaps he mastered his shapeshifting to the point that he can copy one's ability along w/ their DNA, oder he doesn't need to connect to them on an emotional level anymore.
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
Shadowsign said:
1) He ddn't have his powers, so he couldn't take her power.

2) I'm guessing that it's up to him whether oder not his clothes change.

3) He took a lot of abilities before he was made a centeral character, and flying isn't that uncommon. Mehr then likely he took that ability from someone before we first saw him.
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
Flickerflame said:
1. He needed to be able to access Intuitive Aptitude (his original ability) at the time when he copied an ability from someone's brain. It wouldn't work retrospectively. The virus was blocking him when he killed her, so he couldn't gain it later.

2. That's a Schreiben fault. The writers initially believed he shouldn't be able to shapeshift clothes, but other writers wrote it in.

3. It isn't just connecting emotionally. It's understanding people. The memories he'd gained of Nathan from using clairsentience on his stuff were enough.
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
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