To those who don't know what else to do for others to Mitmachen their new spots, oder are bored that everybody makes pick oder Fragen that say "would Du Mitmachen my ... spot?"

Well, I have the solution! It's a new spot I created that's created only for that! It's called "Would Du Mitmachen my ... Spot?".

If Du want to invite others to a new spot you've created, Du probably go for the option of asking in picks oder asking in the answer parts. Those things are somehow annoying because a lot of times it has nothing to do with the spot you're in, so I would like to invite Du to go to this spot and there Du can ask to Mitmachen to your spot to everyone and nobody will be annoyed ;D

I will distribute this note to many different spots so that Fans can post their Fragen and lots of Fans can see your invitation to your new spots! :D

I will repeat this Frage monthly so that every new Fan will read it ;)

 edwardcarlisle posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Heroes Antwort

dydey said:
yeah il join
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
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