A Frage about Isaac's paintings...

Remember the painting with Hiro and the dinosaur?Hiro initially assumed it was an indication that would end up back in time but disregarded that because Isaac's paintings depict the future...
Well,when the Lost paintings resurface in volume 2 one of them shows Hiro and Kensei locking swords.But that actually DID happen in the past!Not the future.From Hiro's point of view it was a part of HIS future because for him it had not happened yet.But for Isaac the image existed in the past.This always confused me.The past,regardless of manipulation,has already occurred.This is why the scrolls were in the hilt of the sword.
Now when directed to Isaac could focus his visions on a specific person(like when he was trying to find Peter when he was invisible)so is he keying in on people even when he doesn't know them yet oder just picking up a Zufällig image?
 michaelraasveld posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Heroes Antwort

hollywoodluv said:
I always thought that he was focusing on important people oder events in time but he also ended up meeting the people he painted so it could be both, that he focused on people that would have an impact on the events around him
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
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