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 The Peacekeeper of Olympus. The Hearth
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This Heroes of Olympus RP Club foto might contain mantel.

posted by gwendiamond
 Ben Krasner
Ben Krasner
Hello! This is my new role play demigod.

Name: Benjamin Krasner

Age: 12

Godly Parent: Poseidon, God of Sea

Earthly Parent: Mari-Anne Krasner

Gender: Male

Eyes: Dark Blue

Hair: Jett Black

Height: 1.95m

Qualities: Smart, Kind, Respectful, Generous, Gentlemanly, Athletic, Nature-Lover.

Biography: A kind, respectful boy, Ben grew up with a tough life. His mother was always there for him but not even his mother could prevent the monsters and horrific things Ben had experienced. Unlike Sally, Mari didn't know that Poseidon was a god. Ben had suspicions ever since he saw monsters and horrible things a few summers...
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posted by IstJae513
 Liebe her.
love her.
Hello, my peepes if I have any at all. This is one of those "Get To Know" thingys. Well here we go I guess. (Im doing this on a Tablet so be prepared for anything being gramaticly incorrect. Bring it on ya Grammer Nazis!XD

Lets see… Hi my real name is Jaeda. Im in some Rps in this club. I live here in the beautiful USA. I have a mother and a step dad. Two twin older sisters, they are currently in college. I live in Arizona, nothing but sand and dust. It gets to you.
In my school Im known as the slightly off rocker chick. My fave band of all time is Paramore. Im all about strong female rockers,...
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posted by Winxclubgirl202
 Me, and my cousins in real life
Me, and my cousins in real life
Hello everyone, I'm new so here is a get to know me article.

Name: Claire
Age: 14
Live In: Detroit, Michigan
Favorit Demigods: Percy Jackson,Jason Grace, and Piper McLean.
I started Lesen the Percy Jackson series a while ago, not sure when though. I Liebe The Heroes Of Olympus series.
Favorit Movies: The Avengers, Epic (2013 animated movie), Pirates Of The Caribbean 1, and 3, Iron Man
Favorit Shows: Destination Truth,Ghost Adventures, Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Paranormal State, Joe Rogan: Fragen Everything

Well, now Du know a little bit about me :)
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Hope Du like. :-)
theme songs
herz of courage
posted by Nicolicious
 Dj, my baby <3
Dj, my baby <3
I've decided to make one cause everyone else is. So...yah.
Salut. I'm Nicolicious, my real name is Cara/Kara, I'm 14 and also the creator of this club and I live in Western Australia. W.A. is pretty strange. One Tag it's pouring with freaking rain oder hail, the Weiter it's as windy as a goddamn cyclone and the Weiter it's nice toasty and warm. As Du can tell I don't like the cold. During summer I sleep under a doona with a blanket over it and in winter I sleep with all that plus two Mehr blankets and sometimes a -5 sleeping bag. Well now Du know my sleeping habits...so yeah.
I live near a busch it's...
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This is for all the Fans of Doctor Who that I'm finding here.
Doctor Who