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Mutaliation posted on Dec 24, 2013 at 02:37PM
20 years before the Titan War. Kronos rose to speak. To his Titans, he told them to create an army. Prometheus took a page from the God's playbook and suggested the Titans to create a new breed of Half Bloods to be known as Demi-Titans. So the Demi-Titans were born. Many of the Demi-Titans were trained, and some were left alone, waiting to be called for action. Some Demi-Titans were sent to battle, but the Titans lost too soon, they were never actually fought the war.

The Demi-Titans were abandoned by their parents, outcast by the Gods and hated by the Demigods. They were left to fend themselves and roam alone. Camp Demi-Titan was then created, a sanctuary for the new Half Bloods. It first started with Tents and wood, but over time it was upgraded. For each Titan was a cabin, designed by the leaders. A wall of giant wooden stake surround the camp for protection. Watch towers were built to...watch.

Demi-Titans are stronger than Demigods due to their heritage but are also very dangerous. Most of their parents died harboring these powerful babies.

The metal that Demi-Titans use to make weapons is Dark Titanium, metal forged by Metis in Tartarus itself, and Demi-Titans don't heal with ambrosia and nectar, instead, we have pomegranates that were given by Rhea.

Camp Demi-Titan has 4 leaders, each for North, South, East and West. Their parent doesn't have to be one from each, but they have to be a leader. The leaders[And Mods] are:
North (Koios, Oceanus): Heath Grey
South (Krios, Pallas, Perses, Astraeus):
East (Hyperion, Metis): Aaron
West (Iapetus, Prometheus, Epimetheus): Cameron Dean

Types of Demi-Titans: (These are the basic powers of Demi-TItans, you can add or change any abilities if they make sense.)

Hyperion: Control over fire, can produce their own light, and can teleport using Flash Travel. (like Shadow Travel, but with light)
Koios: Control over ice and snow, powers work best when in the north, and radiate a feeling of cold.
Krios: Can tell direction and location by looking anywhere in the night sky and can create miniature stars which can be used for light or combat.
Iapetus: Can heal the wounds of anyone else, and can bring someone back from a fatal wound if they are not too late.
Oceanus: Can control water, but work best with fresh water, and can create and control rains, hurricanes, and waves.
Mnemosyne: Can retrieve the memories of anyone who has lost them, and has a chance of being skilled in poetry, history, music, dance, comedy, or astronomy.
Prometheus: Can control fire but cannot create it, and can regenerate from wounds overnight.
Epimetheus: Can communicate with animals, and all animals love and protect them.
Astraeus; Can control the winds and move quickly or fly using the wind.
Perses: Can destroy objects with their touch, but larger or more powerful objects require more energy to destroy.
Pallas: Are typically stronger and more warlike.
Metis: Are wiser and more skilled in craft and weapon making.

To join, just fill out this profile.



Titan Parent:

Mortal Parent:






#1: Don't be overpowered, or have powers that just plain don't make sense.
#2: Your characters must have no connections/relations with the gods or demigods.
#3: Don't stray from anything Established.

Though I encourage you all to make new characters, I wouldn't mind if you use characters from before if you can't think of anything.

Aaron, Hyperion (Blaze_of_Ares)
Cameron Dean, Prometheus (Rogue475)
Ian McKinley, Koios (ConnerandTravis)
Heath Grey, Koios (Mutaliation)
Ashleigh Pennt, Perses (pink-bookworm)
Alex, Iapetus (killer24)
Chase Silver Jr., Mnemosyne (Alvin2442)
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