It all started when I was grounded and forbidden to watch any television. To think that back then I was just some crazy kid that loved a book series and searched for others that shared this adoration. I however didn't find this role playing community because of my search. No, this place and all the wonderful people that I've met along the way were met through coincidence. So thank Du Teen Titans and Young Justice Fandom (Season 3 is on!).
Now to get on with this letter. This essay? Whatever it is, it's going to hold a wellspring of feelings. Three to four years worth of memories, all written for all of you. Well, the ones still here.
I'm proud to say that my first roleplay was a Percy Jackson roleplay. I was introduced Von my now boyfriend of five years, Andrew. Trying to look back, I don't remember whose child i was, but I do recall loving every moment. Being introduced to Isso, that fabulous daughter of Apollo. I wish her good luck. To Blaze, an honest to gods hellion meant to lead, Du are a trooper. I wished we got to know Mehr about each other, all of you, even the ones that joined after I " disappeared ".
Also, the enigma that is Ace. She was a mystery, a literal myth among geeks who study myth. She was the one that started the Camp Half-Blood roleplay club the founders of this place started in. The Golden Age of our little community, she was our Prometheus. She took feuer and gave it to all of us. I'm saddened to say that maybe this feuer has begun to fizzle, but at one point it was a raging maelstrom.
Now to the real reason why I'm here after four years. Why I'm Schreiben this, well it's because high school is ending. I started here when I was a freshman, now I'm a senior looking at my future. Yes, I am scared. A type of anxiety that towers over everything like a giant stone sentry looming over the common folk. But, I found it appropriate that I end what I started here.
Jaeda is no longer going to be exerting time here, maybe an odd look here and there, but I'm a ghost now. This is like the little After Story post I put in the old club. A middle aged woman looking at her old stomping grounds. The memories, the laughs the tears, it all happened there. Camp Half-Blood was real to us. It was amazing and honestly so are all of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. With all my love, I send the most sincerest of good-byes.

With a tearful farewell,