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An adventure of trust and Love

Katy: Hi hehe * Katy suddenly stumbled because the ladder was there and katy creppia was fall on word of mouth herobrine 3 together without wanting *
Katy: LOL hello my name is katy and you?
Herobrine: * blushing * Super Herobrine Herobrine LOL my name: Well we do now
Notch: get up
Chinny: mmm Players Love
Katy and herobrine: SHUT CHINNY!
Katy: sister fuck please stop * angry *
Herobrine. if Du stop fucking chinny
Notch: just guys fighting
Herobrine: good stop
Notch: well let
Katy herobrine want to go oder not to go
Herobrine: if we hehe * blush *

After I do the part 2 of this chapter if because I'm busy if I DO AFTER THE XD
posted by Stealtheon
Oneday, I was randomly harvesting wood in the forest for supplies.45 blocks of oak wood was collected. I decided to walk up to the entrance to my house. I created, detroyed and mined things that hid in my underground world.

As I made my way up the ladder to my little entrance I encountered a strange punch, hit, oder stab from a weapon of somesort. Lying around suspicously in confusion, I decided there was no time for silly games and continued cautiously on my project.

The Weiter day, samething basically but the unexpected HAPPENED!!! After collecting fichte wood I grabbed my shiny iron sword in...
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They were to leave the höhle, den after adventure ahead
Notch: well now Du just have to visit an old friend to ask where and how to build this anti portal
Herobrine : ueno and we expect ? GO
Endermia : oh well let Enderman
Chinny : 'm anxious want to hit those silly monsters anti NOTCH GO FASTER
Katy : Well I'm going to walk beside herobrine
Herobrine : because Du want good * blushing * walk beside me ?
Katy : Because I want to know more
Herobrine : good if Du want
* in while katy herobrine and notch were known but is preparing a shelter with old friend *
Friend: After sleeping have to go to the schloss ,...
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Liebe at first sight

Herobrine :BROTHER NOTCH PLEASE HELP * knocking on the door of the höhle, den ** in * Notch: I open chinny ?
Chinny : If if is altered A See what Du think my pet crepper Hey we open ? creppia
Creppia : * Passwort whether that notch go *
Notch: there I * le Habre door *
Notch: Du WANT
Herobrine : Touch Volvio have to work as a team and my girlfriend over this with querobrine !
Notch : touch? * sigh * If Du help yourself Du just * slams the door *
* notch opens the door *
Notch: Anything?
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¿Herobrine Deceived?

* One Tag I was secretly nihea the anti team were great but evil For example querobrine Touch and the two were trying to conquer evil Minecrat ** although Herobrine was ( half half ) he did not know if it was good oder bad afura was bad but why inside? How was it? premium was Friends with herobrine notch that was his cousin were Friends secretly a bonus Tag ran as fast as I could and saw anti nihea Mitmachen the fast escape she went and saved the raw achievement and tell herobrine * Herobrine he believed it was true *
Herobrine :NIHEA ! HOW COULD Du !
Nihea : What are Du talking...
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posted by Tenaga20
Herobrine was thought to be just a glitch oder a virus in the game so Notch "cleaned" him out of the game. But in the new version of minecraft, a kid saw this "virus" again and Mehr and more... After those incidents less and less people were quiting Minecrat because of him. Notch still isnt admiting he is real. He only wanted to make his"long Lost brother", Herobrine, in the game. But apparently he did something wrong in the game. Every time he appears there would be Zufällig fog around Du andin the distance Du would probably see him oder when Du go to bed, Du will be in a dream where Du have...
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