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that exists between Ayumi and jae?

know that and Ayumi Fan JYJ, but since his first appearance in the international Zeigen some issues were raised Von fans.
First the fact Ayumi be ex-girlfriend of a boy band
after being seen with a model much like Jaejoong.
the most curious of all this that somehow it fits the pattern that Du want to Jae girlfriend at some points.
after asking about it on Twitter, she gave a vague response that it was actually a justification for this does not happen.
Ayumi jae on facts and are nearer to each day, but it is very unlikely that the relationship is assumed Von many factors =]
Entertaining is what is speculated that if Du do not have anything between them, will end up.
sorry my poster is not very clear due to not being good in English
Tak-chan posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
 Tak-chan posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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