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TheLostBrotha posted on Jul 29, 2007 at 08:23AM
Here is the unofficial but I reckon the best HIC fanclub!



GoJo (Gospel of John group)

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr karimc said…
I am a huge fan of Henry Ian and I came across site and just had to show my love for him. He first caught my eye as Jesus in the Gospel of John and won me over. Then, I starting watching him on Lost and became a huge fan!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr henryiancusick said…
I am a henry fan too. I am from spain and I dont speak very good english but y do all I can :)
henry is my..."idolo"...I have to study more
I love him
I want to be he
If I knew him I would be the happiest person in world
I want to meet more henry fans here....
Vor mehr als einem Jahr hikmet_kemal said…
i hope to see him in big movie productions before he hits the age of 50 ... this guy is really good! and a very likable character... i ve never signed up anywhere to be a fan of anyone before, henry is the first...
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