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Die Fanauswahl: minho
Die Fanauswahl: Bling Bling Tiger
Bling Bling Tiger
Maknae Chicken
Die Fanauswahl: Taeminnie the maknae
Taeminnie the maknae
Key the Shinee omma
Die Fanauswahl: minho shy but cute
minho shy but cute
key super cute
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CutieBunny sagte …
The cutest reality Zeigen i have ever watched. Baby Yoogeun and Onew appa is so cute^__^ gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Gretulee Kommentiert…
I loved it too ^^ Onew was scared but cute <3 and I loved how Yoogeun danced to Ring Ding Dong ^^ Vor mehr als einem Jahr
CutieBunny Kommentiert…
Yeah he was really scared. Especially in the episode where they went to the Kiddies play are and one kid cried after she saw Onew and Onew kept "punishing" himself . The best episode of Hello Baby. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
CutieBunny Kommentiert…
Yoogeun's Ring Ding Dong dance was also really cute ^__^ Yoogeun is the my favourite baby out of all the other Babys that came on Hello Baby. SHINee and Yoogeun were one memorable family Vor mehr als einem Jahr
fansminho14 sagte …
minho and onew appa,necause he's the best gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
watha2 sagte …
Could Du please vote Sherlock's SHINee for the Best Dance Performance - Male Group and Song of the Jahr every Tag from now on in link , please?!
Thank Du for your cooperation, . . gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr