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scruffyboy sagte …
Helix lacks imagination cohesion, character development, has dragging story lines at times confusing. These be scientists but terribly stupid, brothers very shallow and Doreen the best female character is killed . Why are powerful women always killed in these TV Shows, So much nonsense to carry a series for a full season
this is a new twist on Vampire especially Daybreakers,

Season 2 is even worse gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
salemslot sagte …
Helix left me in a very dissatisfied mood. As bluehue pointed, the star, sterne of the Zeigen for the first 4 episodes was Doreen. But with her removal, the characters became proactive as till that moment they were just reacting to external stimuli, the main reason why the Zeigen was treading into shallow water. But the insgesamt mystery of the base along with the silver eye enigma & the claustrophobic sense of dread made for good TV. However, the finale felt rushed without any direction. Awaiting season 2. gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
bluehue sagte …
Kinda mad they killed off hard working..dedicated Doreen so early..who delivered much needed sarcastic-comic relief..only to suffer sneak injection attack & face removal via lab rats. WHY?!
She should have kicked her killer's but to the South Pole..if true to her character.
At least she won't turn into a drippy black drooling mean zombie now. Rats! gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr