Hero ID: Thirteen

Alter ego: Aleksander Felis

Age: 14

Appearance: 5'8", golden-blonde hair, smaragd green eyes, a scar on the under-side of his jaw

Hero Uniform: similar to Rocket's, but green primary and black secondary instead of purple primary and brown secondary.

Civvies: dark green coat, button up shirt, kakis, tennies

Personality: very easy going, sensitive toward others, a bit protective over SilverWings (his partner and "sister"), relaxed, quick thinker.

Skills: speaks English and Russian, martial arts, gun handling, staff handling (I'm sure there's proper terminology for it. Don't know what it is), mild hacking skills.

Powers: (similar to the canon Rocket) can manipulate energy into protective a shield and small balls of energy that he can project toward enemies. The sheilds and balls appear with a greenish hue. The ability to use this power draws on his own energy, so he must be very careful when using it. He also uses an extendable staff as a weapon.

Bio: Alek escaped from CADMUS with a group of other escapees. Once they reached Gotham, the group went their seperate ways. He met up with Blaze, Ruse, and SilverWings while they were on a mission. Alek saved them when an explosion went off and he put a sheild around the four of them. They recruited Alek onto their squad out of gratitude. He went in many missions and trained heavily before he was allowed onto the YJL. He persuaded the league that he would make a good addition to the team and needed the training. He also joined to keep an eye in Silver.

I was going to do Sil (big surprise) but something tells me that we are going to have a bunch of girls already.
Cute little neck scarf thingy!
Last one!