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Die Fanauswahl: Amanda
Die Fanauswahl: Melrose Place
Die Fanauswahl: Tommy Lee
Die Fanauswahl: Yes
Die Fanauswahl: Peter
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harleyspirit_13 sagte …
Dear Heather. I wanted to let Du know how much God loves Du sister. I am praying for Du and would Liebe to give Du the precious gift that he's gegeben me. I've BTDT and Du don't have to do it alone. Feel free to reach out to me. My herz breaks for Du as Du wonder about letting the world eat Du alive. God bless. Liebe ya. Keep the faith and pray on! gepostet vor 8 Monaten
Oneill1Bern sagte …
Dear Heather, I am so sorry for your troubles I wish I could help you. Please stay strong gepostet vor 9 Monaten
SoapGirl79 sagte …
Ya know what's funny? I made this Fan pop page and I don't remember my other username....sad i know....glad to see it's going well...LOL..... gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr