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Harry Potter Who's actions do Du find most interesting to analyse from a moral perspective?

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 Book-Freak posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Alchemistlover picked Snape:
Either really they're both fascinating to me.
posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr.
last edited Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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tamore picked Snape:
Dumbledore's a lot more straightforward
posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr.
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Spikegilfer1997 picked Snape:
A hard call to make.
posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr.
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JAlanaE picked Dumbledore:
Interesting question! I think overall Snape is the most interesting character (and my favourite), but I think for this precise question, I'll go for Dumbledore. Snape's actions are rather easy to sort into a "good-pile" and a "bad-pile", but with Dumbledore's it's much more complicated, I think. He has to make really difficult choices and it's really hard to judge if he always made the right ones.
posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr.