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501. Bungee jumping off the astronomy tower is against the rules, even if it isn't written anywhere
.502. Using Liebe potion number nine on people are illigal. Therefore I should not make Harry/Draco fall in Liebe with Pansy Parkinson. Again
503. Snape does not take Singen requests, therefore I should stop asking him to sing "Tearing Up My Heart"
504. -or any other songs
505. this Liste being used as a checklist is inappropriate, therefore i shouldn't do so
506. I will not refer to Voldemort as "Voldie-Poo"
507. I will not enchant Draco so that he looks Emo/Goth to everyone around him except himself...
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101. If someone's House Badge is green and mine is purple, it means they are in Slytherin House. It does not mean "TheSorting Hat thinks they're dumber than me."
102. Using the Engorgio charm on certain parts of the human anatomy is not permitted on the school grounds, not evenfor entertainment purposes.
103. Professor Snape does not enjoy being called "Snookums".
104. -Neither does he respond favorably to "Sev", "Snapey-Poo" oder "Debbie".
105. First years are not to be fed to Fluffy.
106. Hagrid does not have relationships with magical creatures, and I should stop implying that he does.
107. I am...
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((In this little one-shot, Harry reads "The Tale of the Three Brothers" to his kids. I'm not saying anything more.))

Harry pulled a battered old book from its shelf in thed library. It was small, and its margins were covered in Hermione's neat handwriting. He held the book in one hand, its cracking spine resting in his palm, and allowed it to fall open. The book fell open to the one story he knew was true. It was time for the kids to know, too.

From a drawer in his desk, Harry pulled out the old Invisibility Cloak. It had once belonged to his father, James Potter, otherwise known as Prongs.

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posted by stormriddle2909
In Harry Potter, there are many spells that Du can't remember and don't know what is that for> Now, I- Storm Salazar Riddle, here to make that easier, so...., hope Du guys enjoy it.


Harry Potter Spell List

Incantation     Type of spell / charm     Resulting Effect
Accio     Charm     Summons an object
Alohomora     Charm     Opens locked objects
Aparecium     Spell     Reveals invisible ink
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posted by Amzaza
Hey! Here are some facts I found in my book, The Magic Of Harry, NZ children pay tribute to JK Rowling. It's an oldish book, and only the first 4 book were published, so some of the facts are old and might not really make sense, oder something. Here Du go -

1. JK Rowling wrote her first book when she was 6, and it was called Rabbit - it was about a rabbit.

2. The 4 Harry Potter Bücher have been rated #1, #2, #3 and #4 on the adult bestseller Liste of The New York Times.

3. A bookshop in England sold one copy of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban every 40 Sekunden in the first Stunde it was available!...
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posted by koolamelia
1.As of 2008, Harry Potter Bücher have sold over 400 million copies and have been translated into 67 languages.i

2.A picture of Gandalf the Grey (from The Lord of the Rings) can be seen in the collection of great wizards in Professor Dumbledore’s study in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

3.Author J.K. Rowling revealed that Dumbledore is gay and he had a crush on the wizard Grindelwald, whom he later defeated in a wizard duel.

4.As every Potter Fan knows, Dementors are deadly, magical, wraith-like creatures. Rowling revealed that they represent depression and that they were based on her...
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posted by RD_Blue_demigod
Do Du still remember?the first time when harry,ron and hermione became friends.The Tag when they first encountered and tackled a mountain troll.those happy moments in quidditch winnings,of going inside the third floor corridor in order to save the philosopher's stone.Do Du still remember when the trio solved the mistery beyond the chamber of secrets?And saving sirius black and buckbeak for the punishment they not even deserve?Those happy moment's in the Yule ball,and worries in the triwizard tournament.Remember the time when they stick together even the of Voldemort's rise to power.Remember...
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posted by saraandjess2448
first years Snape and Lily are sitting Von the lake at Hogwarts

Lily: Sev, Du look depressed. Is something going on?
Snape: *sighs* Its just, Du got sorted into Gryffindor. Everyone thinks I shouldn't be your friend.
Lily: well, I am. Whether everyone likes it oder not.

*Snape and Lily look out onto the lake. James, Sirius, Peter, and Remus pass behind them.*

,Sirius: *yells* Hey, James, look, it's Lily Evans!
James: *yelling also* Hey, Evans! Why're Du hanging out with slime like Snivellus? Come hang with us!
Snape: *whispers* see? Your people are doing it, too!
Lily: Just ignore them, they'll...
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posted by LadyNottingham
Chapter 1

Harry, Ron and Hermione had come back to the boys’ dorms. Harry had laid himself on his bett while Ron was holding Hermione tight on his own bed. The curtains of their beds were open so they could see each other. But they remain silent. Harry had called Kreacher for something to eat for them all.

They ate in silence. All the memories came back to Harry – including those of Snape. Suddenly, he rose from his bed. “Snape !” he sagte loud.

“What ?” Ron asked. “What about him ? He’s dead…”

“Yes, he’s dead and he’s still in the Shrieking Shack !” He watched Ron and...
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In times of old when I was new
And Hogwarts barely started
The founder's of our noble school
Thought never to be parted:
United Von a common goal,
They had the selfsame yearning
To make the worlds best magic school
And pass along their learning.
"Together we will build and teach!"
The four good Friends decided
And never did they dream that they
Might some Tag be divided
For where there such Friends anywhere
As Slytherin and Gryffindor?
Unless it was the Sekunde pair
Of Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw?
So how could it...
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posted by babybell
This is a very short Artikel because it was merely a thought. Therefore it is not formatted correctly and probably has some punctuation/spelling/grammar/sentence structure mistakes. I am sorry in advance.

I was re-reading the Goblet of Fire, and I came across this quote:

'"I was saying, my dear, that Du were clearly born under the baleful influence of Saturn," sagte Professor Trelawney, a faint note for resentment in her voice at the fact that he had obviously not been hanging on her words.
"Born under -- what, worry?" sagte Harry.
"Saturn, dear, the planet Saturn!" sagte Professor Trelawney,...
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posted by Ann_Longbottom
An early page of Philosophers Stone Wird angezeigt an abandoned Plotline:
“So this Flamel bloke found the stone “ sagte Ron
“No- he made it, “said Harry, “He was an alchemist. Which means
“Someone who turns base metals into gold” sagte Hermione. She had
that old proving- I- know- more- than- everyone- else look on her face, the
other two noticed, “Of course. I read about this in Alchemy, Ancient
Art and Science, Von Argo Pyrites”.
“I missed that one myself,” muttered Ron.
“(and)—of course it's some of the most difficult magic Du can do.
And Du end up not just with pure Gold but...
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The new students’ arrival was met with tumultuous applause. But none of the unsorted 11 Jahr olds heard a thing. For there was only one thought in their mind, where will I be sorted? Then Professor Lovegood sagte in a silky voice “the sorting hat is ready.” Every one of the 11-year-olds face’s looked fretful. As they filed in, a very old and molding looking hat with a tear at the brim was placed on a schemel, hocker and the tear opened up like a mouth and it broke into song.
“ A thousand years oder Mehr Vor when I was newly sewn, there lived four wizards of renown, whose names are still well known:...
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posted by LifesGoodx3
 Severus Snape
Severus Snape
Severus Snape was killed on May 2nd, 1998, Von Voldemort. Voldemort killed him because he thought that Snape was the master of the Elder Wand, and if he killed him, then he would be the master.

Snape is a half-blood. He did not have a good childhood. It is possible that he was neglected at home. Also, he was bullied Von James Potter and Sirius Black from the moment he started attending the school. Taking the bullying to far once, Sirius almost led Snape to a certain death. Sirius told Snape about the hidden passageway under the Whomping Willow, which led to the Shrieking Shack. There Remus Lupin...
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posted by emilykuru
this is for Annik who asked a Frage in the Antwort forum. since it is too big, i'm posting it here.

here u go Annik. this is for your assignment. hope it helps you. if u like this, then vote for my short answer there in the place Du asked your question.

The choosing of actors in most Filme have been very apt and its very original in the harry potter movie especially. When Du look at harry in the movie Du can very well know that he is brave, determined and a guy who has faced many troubles.

Rupert clearly portrays Ron who is a very easy going friend of harry. Ron also is an innocent character...
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posted by britmovietours
**NEW 3 Tag TOUR FOR 2011**

A new 3 Tag Harry Potter England Tour will be launched in 2011. Starting from London our tour will visit iconic locations featured in the movie series.

Departing from Platform 9 3/4 this tour will take Harry Potter Fans to many of the key films locations and inspirations in Southern England on a magical 3 Tag wizarding journey.

This small group tour (maximum 19 people) will travel in a luxury air conditioned mini coach as we explore the places Du know so well from both the films and the books.

From Godrics Hollow to the corridors of Hogwarts and from J K Rowlings birthplace...
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After having a long discussion with my friend, I came across a pattern in the series. Is history repeating itself? and are the harry potter Bücher truly over?The normal font= the first war, and the italics= the Sekunde war. Read through the normal font first. Go back and read the italic font only. Then read them together. My theory will make sense (i hope)

First, Lord voldemort rises into power and harry's parents and others form The Order of the Phoenix
In the fourth book, voldemort rises into power and harry and others form Dumbledore's Army

Voldemort killes mudbloods and halfbreeds in the first...
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posted by Scarlet127
Witch Weekly in 1995. The piece, written Von Rita Skeeter, claimed that Hermione Granger was Harry Potter's girlfriend and that she was toying him around Von seeking the affections of Viktor Krum, who himself was very much smitten with her. As with much of Skeeter's writing, though the essence of the Artikel was false, there was smidgen of truth that lent the Artikel an air of believability to those who did not know better. While Harry was not Hermione's boyfriend, the two had in fact been close Friends since early in their first Jahr at Hogwarts. Additionally, Hermione had danced with Krum at...
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posted by egyptprincess7
Harry,Ron,Hermione were riding these dog shaped eagles then they went into this place where they only stood outside there for A While Then De's came and they left and went to this floating house But you-know-who followed them and tried to uses avada kedrava on harry,Harry only triped and fell because there were pencils on the floor and you-know-who was trieing to kill harry with a Colored Pencil after that happaned ron and herimone pulled him throw a curtain and they went someplace (can tell u where because i woke up at that Moment ><)
I recently bought my fgirst wand. I decided to share the tips and tricks of buying a wand with you. Take alll of these into consideration when Du go wand-shopping.

The witch oder wizard who will sell Du your wand knows about all thewands in the shop. They will be Mehr than happy to share their knowledge and help Du find the right wand. Don't be a fraid to ask questions, either.

Holding different wands will help guide Du to the best match. Let's say Du try an oak wand with a phoenix feather core. The wand might feel close, but not quite right. In that...
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