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posted by princessofmagic
Calypso's POV

The nightmares were horrible. They weren't so much as her imagination, but memories. When ever he had one of his random, unpredictable mood swings oder got drunk -or both-, he would come into whatever room she was in and beet her, then literaly drag her to 'The room'. It was one of the smallest rooms in the whole manor, like a walk in closet. He would lock her in there, once for days, until one of the house elfs would unlock the door when they new father wasn't drunk and wouldn't notice,and send her to her room. There was never a single time she didnt have a single bruise. Until,...
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*Diagon Alley is a cobbled wizarding straße and shopping area located in London behind a pub called the Leaky Cauldron. Many of the set pieces were re-dressed and repurposed as Hogsmeade for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

*To create the magical moment when Harry's wand chooses him in Ollivanders, filmmakers slowed the film speed, which is normally twenty-four frames per second, to one hundred and twenty frames per second.Remarkably, this dilation of time, some clever lighting, a smoke machine, and a Fan were all they needed to produce this effect.
Undoubtedly Bellatrix is pretty much bad to her very core, and that's what we all Liebe (or Liebe to hate about her) but I think even Bellatrix can be a sympathetic character in some regards. And however minuscule I think there is some good in her but it comes out in a twisted way, that there are some redeemable qualities within her.

The main reason I can see Bella being a bit of a sympathetic character is because of her time in Azkaban. A drab, dreary, miserable place filled to the brim with sinister creatures that suck your soul out and rip away your memories whilst simultaneously making an...
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A very Happy birthday Harry Potter and the congenital intellect , J.K.Rowling! Today is the Tag of our hero!. The Tag that all began!. The Tag which was written a revolutionary and great book Von Rowling. Harry Potter , Du are a legend!. Mehr than 15 years your made a splash among every types of people.Rowling, Du are the maker of these all things! . Du made a world with all things.Rowling , Du had paid your every attention even at a bit fact!. That is why this world is in thick of Harry Potter!.According to my opinion that is the main quality that a writter should have!. Ms Rowling again...
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The Harry Potter adventure recently started for me; in July 2007, after seeing the Order of the Phoenix, I fell into the "cauldron" ... Since then, I have read almost all the Bücher and seen all the movies. Before I became a Potterhead, I rarely read large volumes, my readings were centered on comics, cinema / Musik magazines and short stories.

You can say that the world of Harry Potter will have influenced my life because I had the idea in October 2009 to register on a virtual french Hogwarts. The Sorting Hat placed me in Gryffindor and as the months went by, I learned some things, such as the...
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posted by FallingWitch
There have been a lot of Harry Potter theories, ranging from the ridiculous to the strange to the horrifying.

I have composed a Liste here.

Please Kommentar any other theories Du know of that I've missed. :)

Also: there are major spoilers in some of these. Weiter to each one, if there is a spoiler, I will write the book that it spoils, so if Du haven't read that one: skip that theory.

1. The Dursley Family is Justified (Spoils Deathly Hallows)

This is one of my favorites, Von the way. Now, we all know that Horcruxes often corrupt people (the medallion, Riddle's diary) and Harry is, as it was revealed...
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posted by Slytherinlife
Slytherin the house of apparent "evil." If Du think about it the kids in Slytherin that went with Voldemort granted probably went with him because they were sick of being rejected. Nobody wanted to be Friends with the Slytherins and automatically assumed them evil not to mention the fact that some were pressured Von their parents such as Draco. Nobody considers the fact that his dad abuses him mentally and is often rough with him so nobody knows what happens behind closed doors.In my opinion people are way to quick to judge Slytherins without considering their pasts and the pressure put upon them.Thefore,Slytherins may be Mehr misunderstood than bad.
posted by dannylynn92
Serve 4

100g/4oz Wholemeal Flour
50g/2oz Self-Raising Flour
A pinch of Salt
75g/3oz Butter
Water to bind
120ml/4 fl.oz. Golden Syrup [what is it?]
75g/3oz Fresh Brown Breadcrumbs
Grated zest of 1/2 Lemon
50g/2oz Toasted Hazelnuts, coarsely chopped

1. Sift the flours with the salt into a mixing bowl. Tip the residue of bran left in the sieve into the bowl and stir lightly to mix.

2. Cut the butter into the flour with a palette knife, then rub in the butter with your fingertips until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs. Gradually stir in just enough water to bind the mixture together....
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 The Cover of the Script Book.
The Cover of the Script Book.
Hi guys, I had finally finish Lesen the Cursed Child and here is my wonderful review to the 8 book of the series.

The Story

The story takes place after the events of the Deathly Hollows 19 years later, we pick off from the last part when the Potter and Weasley Families send their respective children off the Train Station and seeing them leaving for Hogwarts.
We get to know Mehr about Albus Potter, his relationship with his parents, especially his father Harry Potter. He also befriended his Slytherin classmate Scorpius Malfoy, the son of Draco Malfoy. The once nemesis of Harry Potter but now...
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posted by Slytherinlife
Although Dobby was a smaller character we all must admit that we cried at his death. Unless we're heartless. Dobby was full of such life and kindness. He had such compassion for Harry and appreciated him. He wanted to save Harry because Harry had helped him which often put Harry in a worse place. Harry and Dobby eventually became Friends even though they weren't close at first. Dobby was Von Harry's side throughout everything even when Harry didn't want him to be. Dobby had few close relationships. He had a very close one with Harry and he was still trying to find a way to thank Harry for freeing...
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posted by anuaar8907
1. First of all, Luna is so, very unique. That's a great quality to possess and I think that's why I Liebe her so much, because she stands out.
2. Luna is a true Ravenclaw, underneath all that quirkiness, there is a layer of intelligence. She's the one who led Harry to the Grey Lady and she spoke the last words for Dobby.
3. No matter, how flawed Du are, Luna will always see the good things about you.
4. Luna doesn't care what Du think of her, she's different and proud of it. For example, she always wears her rettich earrings and Spectra-specs, and she doesn't care if it looks odd.
-The world is not teilt, split into "good people" and Death Eaters.
-Know your weaknesses and learn to use them to your advantage.
-Belief in Wackspurts doesn't make Du less of a person.
-Eat chocolate, it really helps.
-It isn't who Du are, but what Du grow to be.
-Even if Du just believe Du swallowed Felix Felicis, Du will still do amazing things.
-Dementors affect both wizards and Muggles alike.
-Though the Snitch is small, it earns the most points when caught.
-The Sorting Hat might put Du in one house, but Hogwarts fights best when fully united.
-Death is but the Weiter great adventure.
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50 ways to know you’re obsessed with Harry Potter:

50. People say that Du have read too much Harry Potter no matter what people say.
49, Du know Du have never read oder seen too much Harry Potter.
48. Du own all the DVDs of the Harry Potter films.
47. Du own all seven Harry Potter books, the two textbooks written Von J.K. Rowling and the Tales of the Beedle Bard.
‎46. Your Favorit Bücher and Filme is Harry Potter.
45. Du compare everything to Harry Potter.
44. Du quote the novels…all the time.
43. Du not only quote the novels, Du allude to all things Harry Potter in everyday life.
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WARNING Total spoilers for lastest film. DO NOT READ IF Du HAVEN'T SEEN IT!!!

I just saw Half-Blood Prince and entertainment wise it's proberly the best so far - so go see it! It has one of the funniest HP scenes ever (Harry taking Felix potion).
BUT it was also the worst in terms of missing information and missing scenes. I'm holding out for DH though as i figured that they purposely missed out stuff in order to bulk up those two films. So here is my Liste of things that truly annoyed me about the film.

1. This one actually counts in at least the last 3 films. Dumbledore just isn't Dumbledore!...
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posted by Flickerflame
I've noticed that (here, anyway) a lot of Fans seem to have severe opinions of Snape. Either they hate him, oder they Liebe him and he's the best character ever. I don't see many who have a mixed opinion of him, so I'm going to try to explain mine.

I think that, while Snape was extremely Merida - Legende der Highlands spying on Voldemort and the Death Eaters for many years - and I can't imagine how hard that would have been - there are also many bad points about him.

+ I do pity him his childhood. Parental breakup and them fighting all the time, being poor, being picked on and isolated. Poor him. Unlike others though, I...
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posted by karolinak1999
This Artikel is based on my Harry Potter forum:

All memes Abgeschickt to my:
link - can be examined right here!!!
....I know Du can do that on the actual Forum, but here it's simpler - no comments, no page 1, page 2........
.......Also, it's a great way of making sure the meme Du are considering to submit.....hasn't been gepostet already!!!!


"All the Polls"

link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link...
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posted by Flora_Swift
1) Ravenclaw: If you're going to insult me, please be grammatically correct.

2) Gryffindor: Because a friend will cover for you. But a real friend would sit net to Du in detention and say that was so worth it.

3) Neville: OMG! I killed Harry Freaking Potter!
Voldermort: Nooooooooooooo!!!! I wanted to do it! *sob*

4) Severus Snape is so GOTH "he lives in the dark"

5) The Bücher in the resticted section of the libary needs anger management.

6) THINGS THAT I AM NOT ALLOWED TO DO AT HOGWARTS 64: First years are not to be fed to Fluffy.

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I found this questionare from link.

Let's start – what's your FC's name?
Stephen Hunter King

Is the name a play on words of any sort (eg; name meaning matches the character's personality)?
No, not really. But I named him after Stephen King, my favourite horror novelist. And Hunter I chose because it's a name I love. Although, it does also suit the fact that he's a werewolf, and loves being one.

What universe did Du drop them in?
Harry Potter.

Does your FC have any attributes to match the universe they are in?
Yes, he's a half-blood wizard.

Friendly face, intense eyes, big ears, and really...
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posted by Valerianka
A little bit unusual kind of Fan fiction, it's so small and even philosophical. So, hope, you'd enjoy :з

Its was a summer. Summer after the Hogwarts Battle. There was no that hapiness in children's faces, there was no life in adults' actions...
They were tired of that, even if Harry's won, they lost... They Lost their homes, they Lost their relatives, they Lost the Sense.
Draco Malfoy was one of them. Of course, his family was nearby, but he felt himself completely alone, he felt that he did the wrong choice. Even if he Had to do that.
Now he was 18, so young to be important for the magic world, but old enough to be happy. Everything changed. He had never tried how it to be happy, but he had a voult in Gringotts and status in the highest society. Funny, isn't it? He had everything, but he'd Lost himself.
Is it honestly?
Is it life?
Once he mistaked and now the Fate is revenging him in such violent way.
He is dying alive.
posted by peppergirl30
Lily's POV

Rose, Aimee and Lizzie stood in the doorway. In the back of my mind, I was thinking stuff like Uh-oh. But my expression remained blank. I stared at Rose intently, trying to get her attention. Finally, she noticed me. I mouthed the words 'We're being interrogated!' Rose nodded and walked over to us.

''Harry, we need to talk.''

Rose's POV

I think I surprised everyone when I called my uncle Von his first name - I really only called him Harry in my head, not in public. But yesterday I didn't really care, I was too pissed off to do anything...
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