Although Dobby was a smaller character we all must admit that we cried at his death. Unless we're heartless. Dobby was full of such life and kindness. He had such compassion for Harry and appreciated him. He wanted to save Harry because Harry had helped him which often put Harry in a worse place. Harry and Dobby eventually became Friends even though they weren't close at first. Dobby was Von Harry's side throughout everything even when Harry didn't want him to be. Dobby had few close relationships. He had a very close one with Harry and he was still trying to find a way to thank Harry for freeing him. Harry was incredibly sad when Dobby died and was left incredibly heartbroken. (This is irrelevant,but I don't think he'll ever forgive Bellatrix for it.) He insisted on a proper burial for Dobby because he knew Dobby would give him the same treatment. Dobby in addition was always punishing himself when he didn't do things wrong which actually led Harry to give him Mehr sympathy and kindness. Dobby entering Harry's life was a start of a wonderful friendship. I think it ended on good terms.