Hi everyone, since the release of the book here in Malaysia a couple of weeks ago. Here are my thoughts and why I'm excited to get the soft cover copy of the book soon, as well as my expectations.

The Characters

Okay, since the characters are the same. Despite that it's set several years after the events of the Deathly Hallows, it also features Harry's Sekunde son, Albus in it and will continue the Potter bloodline in the story.
I am very happy that the majority of the old characters, including Harry, Ron and Hermione are all back. Not to forget, Draco Malfoy, Harry's nemesis and his son too, to whom I do not know whether he is going to be the villain to Albus Potter in the story!

The Story & It's Format

Unlike Zurück Harry Potter, this story is a script, considering that it is meant to be a play. So, I will be trying it and that it is also interesting because we can follow the story easier Von Lesen it as a script rather going through the whimsical details that J.K. Rowling had previously did.
We hope that the story will still be same as Zurück Harry Potter books, and I also hope that our favourite characters will be having a major role like before and I also hope that no major characters get kill off!

See Du Harry!

I hope to see Du Harry and I also hope that Du will not get kill off as you're my favourite character of all time!
Waiting for the soft cover.