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posted by e2mma2weasle3
Its Weihnachten Eve here at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and I am not happy. A stupid plant took me hostage! I am standing here, in some deserted hallway - alright, maybe its not deserted per say, but it sure as bloody hell looks like it from where I’m standing; and have been standing for the past Stunde - in a part of the school, I don’t even know where! Stupid Mistletoe. Yes, I, Rose Weasley, have had the misfortune of getting stuck under one of Hogwarts’ famous Mistletoe bunches.

Now I’m guessing your wondering ‘Why are they famous?’, and I’ll tell you. Every Jahr Mistletoe is hung scattered throughout the hallways on Weihnachten and Weihnachten Eve day, and the students here avoid them like the plague. That is, if they don’t want to be stuck standing there underneath the evil plant for hours until some Zufällig person comes along and kisses them. I think Du get my point.

Normally I try to avoid them altogether, and for the past three years that I’ve been going to this school I’ve been successful, but that could also be because this is the first Jahr I’ve actually stayed here for Weihnachten instead of going home. Oh why didn’t I go Home with cousin Albus!?

“Evil, evil, little plant.” I mutter glaring up at the Mistletoe with my arms crossed. Unfortunately, it did nothing, just hung there and taunted me.

I sighed and hoped against hope that someone, anyone, would come find me and get me out of this stupid enchantment. This is almost as bad as when I forget to skip the trick step on the way to breakfast and was stuck there, half of my body inside the step, till lunch. I think I almost died from happiness when my best friend, Scorpius Malfoy, finally found me and helped me out.

While we’re on the topic of Scorpius, let me just say that he may look like his father but he sure as bloody hell doesn’t act like him. oder from what I know about him at least. My dad always tells stories about when he and my mom went to school here, and he sagte that Draco Malfoy was a grand old prat that put people of bloodlines other then his own beneath him. Nope, Scorpius isn’t anything like that, if anything he’s the exact opposite.

And I’m rambling.

I continue my staring - oder Mehr like glaring - contest with the inanimate Mistletoe hanging above my head, when suddenly a voice calls out to me and I could’ve jumped in shock if my feet weren’t like temporarily stuck to the floor.

A flash of white-blond appears over in the corner where I heard the voice come from and I can almost immediately sense the blood drain from my face. I would be so incredibly happy to see Scorpius any other time but now, because Du know if he comes near me I have to KISS him! Oh Merlin’s pants.

“Rosie?” Scorpius calls again and when I look I can see him walking towards me. I close my eyes tight for a couple minutes, though I’m not entirely sure why I am, and realize after a while that the footsteps have stopped.

I crack my eyes open the slightest bit and notice that the blond is standing, not in front of me like I had originally thought, but instead a couple feet away, his eyes flickering from my face to the evil plant and back again.

And then he did something I have never in my three and a half years at Hogwarts seen him do before:

He blushed.

I grinned at the sight and put a stray piece of my long auburn hair back behind my ear. I rolled my eyes as nothing progressed between the two of us; meaning that we were still just standing there, staring at each other in silence. “Scorpius Draco Malfoy get your butt over here and KISS me!” I blurted. Holy Merlin’s Trousers, where on earth did that come from?

Scorpius looked just as shocked as I felt, which made my cheeks heat up in embarrassment, when he smirked, making the heat rising in my cheeks increase. I can’t tell what emotions went through his eyes as he stepped closer to me because, well, I’ve never been able to read emotions through people’s eyes.

He stops a couple feet away from me, but still closer then he was before. “Not able to resist my charm Rosie?” He jokes. “I knew it was only a matter of time.”

I blinked at him. Was he seriously trying that on me? “Me? Pfft. Scorpius if Du keep that up your gonna get your over-inflated head stuck in doorways when Du try to pass through them.” I warned.

“Oh I see how this is going to go. First Du ask me, no excuse me, Du demand that I come over here and snog you, and now Du play hard to get! Am I that irresistible?”

“For the sake of Albus Dumbledore would Du just come over here and KISS me so I can get away from this damned plant!?”


“Why!” I screamed, horror lacing my voice as it bounded off the corridor walls.

“Because, after I KISS you, Du will owe me big time.”

I sighed and shook my head. “Bring on the shackles.” I muttered.

“Your that desperate are you?” Scorpius finally came closer and my herz was jumping for joy at the prospect of being able to get away from the Mistletoe. He gently took my chin in his hands, leaned in and pressed his warm lips to mine.

My eyes immediately closed and I felt really rather dizzy. My head was spinning and the skin his fingers were making contact with was tingling violently, so violently I thought I was shaking. Was I really enjoying this? I mean c’mon, He’s my best friend for Merlin’s sake! Thats so cliche, for me to fall for him! Wait, who sagte I’m falling for him? Get a grip Rose.

Just as I was beginning to respond to the kiss, he pulled away. He simply stared at me for a couple moments before suddenly, and without warning may I add, did he back up and pull me forward, causing me to almost go tumbling down.

“What’re you, trying to kill me?” I ask glaring at him, when suddenly, realization dawns on me:

I was finally free from the evil Mistletoe.

Scorpius grinned at me as I looked up at him in shock. I had been standing under that plant for so long I almost thought I wouldn’t ever be able to leave!

The blond shook his head and threw one of his arms around my shoulders casually, putting some pressure on them to make me begin walking. “You know Rose, a thank Du would be nice.”

I looked up at him and grinned. “Oh yeah? Well your not gonna get one.”

Scorpius looked down at me and put the hand that wasn’t around my shoulders over his herz in a mocking way. “I don’t get a thank you? Me, the one who saved Du from that evil Mistletoe?” He smirked.

“I’d hardly say it was evil.” I said, using air quotes. “Just a little, uhm, controlling is all.”

“Thats not what Du thought before.”

“Yeah well.” I trailed off, trying to think of something to say that wasn’t going to sound stupid.

“But I still deserve a ‘thank you’ for Küssen you.” He said, interrupting my frantic thought process, pointing at me while he emphasized the last word.

I stopped and stood back, allowing his arm to fall from my shoulders and back to his side. “Was it really that awful?” I asked, somewhat hurt though I wasn’t completely sure why. I mean, it was my first KISS so I wouldn’t be surprised if I wasn’t that good, but for some reason I felt like I was just punched in the gut.

Scorpius paused. “Well, uhm, no.” He trailed off, his face turning a light pink. Huh, this is the Sekunde time he’s blushed today.

“Aha! Admit it Scorpius, Du like me!” I sagte elongating the Sekunde last word in a sing-song voice.

Scorpius smirked and began walking so that with each step he took forward, I moved one back till I was pressed against the corridor wall. He put his arm Weiter to my head on the Wand behind me, enclosing me in. I looked up at him and he leant down and pecked me lightly on the lips.

“Does that give Du an answer?” He asked with a grin and I nodded with what I’m sure was a dazed look on my face.

I immediately snapped back to composure. “Scorpius Malfoy, if Du think I’ll let Du do that whenever Du want, Du are sorely mistaken.” I crossed my arms stubbornly.

He bit his lip to hide a smile. “I know. At least I tried.”

“Well, your gonna have to try harder then.” I flashed him a smirk of my own before I slipped under his arm.

Scorpius simply laughed.
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