Albus Potter:Releasing Vuldemort 
 Albus Potter was my name. Being the son of Harry Potter and Jenny Weasley made me Mehr proud than I already was. I just turned 11. Which meant I had to attend HogWarts,the school of magic and wizardry. My older brother,James,already went there for a Jahr and sagte it was magnificent. My first year,I was terrified,but managed to keep it secret. Once I stepped onto the train,I got a greeting of very loud kids. My cousin,Rose Weasley,followed after me towards a car where we could be alone from those ignorant children. When we finally found one,we started to look through our stuff. My wand was a black one... I tried a spell,but a girl with blonde hair walked in. 
 "Excuse me,but may I sit here?",she asked kindly. 
I nodded and scooted over for her. After she sat down she noticed I had out my wand. 
"Amazing wand! Do Du know any spells?" 
"Not exactly... Do you?",I answered,fiddling with it. She smiled slightly and brought out her wand. 
"This was my fathers. He sagte it was special. And well no I do not know any spells. That's why we're heading to HogWarts." 
Rose examined the hand-me-down wand that the blonde female had in her hands. 
"Well I believe that wand will be useful,but since it's a hand-me-down,it may not work like a brand new one.",she commented. Rose is just like her mother. A know-it-all. But I kind of liked that about her. 
"So? I didn't catch your name. I'm Albus Potter and that's Rose Weasley.",I informed her. Her eyes fixed on me as if she were suprised I was a Potter. 
"I'm Dawn Malfoy..." 
My eyes widened. A Malfoy?!! My dad's enemy?! That's when a boy with slick blonde hair walked in and eyed Dawn. 
"Dawn! What are Du doing with these....wizards?",he sagte wizards in a gross tone. 
Dawn rolled her eyes and glared daggers at him. 
"It is none of your buisness who I'm around,Daniel!" 
He grabbed her Von her arm and practically dragged her out. I wanted to help her,but my father specifically sagte to stay away from Malfoys. But Dawn was different to where my dad had explained what Malfoys were like... 
Maybe Dawn was different... 
As my older brother dragged me to his car with his friends,I wondered if me and Albus would ever become friends. I wish... He was pretty cute. Not that I would ever admit it. I sat down Weiter to Daniel's best-friend,Hendred.
"So? How is the brand new Potter?",Daniel asked. "They are normal! Just like us! I don't understand why father hates them!",I complained. I turned to the window and cringed at the memory of my father ranting about how horrible Harry Potter was. I don't think any of the Potters were horrible. If anything,we were... 
To Be Continued..