OK, so I saw that recently, a lot of people have been posting these "You know you're a potterhead when..." stuff. So I thought I'd put together some of the ones I'd seen people say oder post. I believe I have 50 oder so. Here they are:

You Know You're A Potterhead When...

...you get married and Du want to say "Always" instead of "I do"
...you wish Du could get married to another Harry Potter Fan so that Du could beak Unbreakable Vows instead of regular wedding vows.
...you cry because Du don't get your Hogwarts acceptance letter
...you can't say "Honestly, don't Du read?" without sounding exactly like Hermione
...you can't say "You're just as sane as I am" without soundind exactly like Luna.
...you try calling 62442 to see what happens
...you finished Lesen DH, and Du thought, "This is where I belong."
...you ask your parents for an owl for your birthday
...you actually ask for a besen for Christmas
...your parents don't understand the pain Du felt after Du finished watching DH part 2
...you can watch the Filme over and over and Du don't get bored
...you ask people to call Du Von the name of your Favorit character
...you have reminders for the character's birthdays on your cell phone
...you yell, "Reveal yourself, traitor!" at tour pet ratte every night
...you look into the sky every night and try to find the Sirius star
...one of the reasons Du like someone as a crush is because they are also a Potterhead
...you look at the Louis Vuitton logo, and think, "Lord Voldemort"
...you care Mehr about the House Cup on Pottermore than your own exams
...you change the lyrics to songs to fit the plot of Harry Potter
...you listen to MuggleCast oder PotterCast daily
...you decorate everything with the Deathly Hallows symbol
...you try to ypuse your wand to make things happen
...you were thinking about Schreiben your college essay about how Harry Potter has shaped your lofe
...your room is painted to like your House common room
...your classmates know to trust Du when Du disagree with someone that John Williams did all the Musik in Harry Potter
...you want to gave a white cat named Lumos and a black cat named Knox
...the credits come on at the end of a HP movie and Du can say who each actor played
...you ask the school principal to change the school glocke sound to Hedwig's theme
...whenever someone says "JK" Du say "Rowling" in your head
...every stick Du find is a wand
...you reenact the scene where Voldemort kills Harry with your spoon and your cereal
...you and your three best Friends have nicknames for each other (i.e. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs)
...you know Mehr about quidditch than any Muggle sport
...you try to write "snap" but accidentally write "Snape"
...your cell phone Passwort is somthing Harry Potter related
...you check page 394 on every book Du have to see if there's anything special on that page
...you say "Obviously" in Alan Rickman's voice every time
...your senior quote is from Dumbledore, not Edison oder Einstein
...you feel guilty about liking anything that's not related to Harry Potter
...you read the entire Harry Potter wiki and learn nothing
...you want "To the well organized mind, death is but the Weiter great adventure" written on your tombstone when Du die.
...you ask a police officer how many people he's put in Azkaban
...the pattern to unlock your phone is a lightning bolt
...someone says "Harry Potter sucks" and Du look at them in the eye, point and say "Do not insult Harry Potter in front of me!"
...you have no social life during ABC Family's Harry Potter movie weekends.
...you go to call someone a hypocrite but then accidentally say hippogriff
...you say you're embarassed to go out in public with your family members because they act like Muggles
...you hate waking up for school in the morning, knowing your school ISN'T Hogwarts
...whenever someone ask Du when your gonna get over your HP obsession, Du answer "When hell freezes over."
...you become a Fan of the person who wrote the "You Know You're a Potterhead When..." article