If Du can answer these easy Harry Potter Fragen in less than 3 Sekunden each... Du are a true fan.
What is Harry's FULL name?
Who does Harry love?
What is the name of the dark magic Tom Riddle put the seven peices of his soul in?
Who killed Dumbledore?
Who is the half blood prince?
Who killed Dobbie?
How many Bücher are there?
How many Filme are there?
Who killed Bellatrix La Strange?
What creature guards Bellatix's gewölbe, tresor at the bank?
What is the name of the potion that allows Du to turn into someone else for a while with some DNA?
Who brought Harry to the Dursley's in the first book/movie.
Who plays Harry Potter?
What is Umbridge's patronus charm animal?
What is Herrmionie's father's job?
What creature is on the glass plates all over Umbridge's office?

Hope Du enjoyed!!