A very Happy birthday Harry Potter and the congenital intellect , J.K.Rowling! Today is the Tag of our hero!. The Tag that all began!. The Tag which was written a revolutionary and great book Von Rowling. Harry Potter , Du are a legend!. Mehr than 15 years your made a splash among every types of people.Rowling, Du are the maker of these all things! . Du made a world with all things.Rowling , Du had paid your every attention even at a bit fact!. That is why this world is in thick of Harry Potter!.According to my opinion that is the main quality that a writter should have!. Ms Rowling again I say Du are the excellent writter we ever seen. Sometime I think Du have a big maths brain to create such recherche world. According to my feelings creating a new world is the most difficult to do anyone. But Rowling , Du won it without any challange . Du made a world Von yourself for many kinds of people!. Sometimes the story of Harry potter made someone happy. Please think about child abuses!. Through the Harry Potter You, Ms. Rowling revealed the suffering of a child, actually Harry Potter's. I think that was a somehow a good turning point for child slaves. I think because of Harry's childhood many people tended to help those helpless and orphan children!. Ms. Rowling Du made your and ours world not for just name. Du made it with giving an eternal advice!. This world is facing very danger!. People are in a ratte race!. Many of people think that the money oder power is the only thing to earn!. But Ms Rowling Du proved that they aren't the only thing through the friendship,dedication and Liebe using many characters!. And Du showed that the men who forget love,friendship and so many things finally have to come to the naught!.Actually I have no words to express my feelings and emotion!. But now I finalize with this statement!.J.K. ROWLING,YOU ARE THE MOST GREATEST WRITTER FOREVER!. Thanks!.