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Has anyone sagte something about Harry Potter (the series oder the character that angered you?

I've had two bad experiences

1. When I was in high school an old classmate of mine passed away and while I was mourning I put a picture of Cedric's memorial on my binder (from a day-to-day calendar I had) and it showed Hermione crying. This student I had never even met before saw my binder and sagte in a rude tone that Hermione was such a drama queen. I was offended and said, "She's crying because someone at her school died, what do Du expect her to do?" and then he said, "Get over it?" like it was obvious and then walked away. That was 10 years Vor and I'm still angry about it

2. This is actually Mehr than one person; people who sagte Harry was Schauspielen like a brat in Order of the Phoenix. I mean, it's not like he had PTSD from watching someone die and then almost dying himself, had to go through an entire school Jahr of no one believing the trauma he went through, had a teacher who was a racist, and was getting cuts on his hand almost every other week, right?
 BB2010 posted vor 5 Monaten
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Harry Potter Antwort

Makeupdiva said:
Yes, Twilight Fans saying that J K Rowling copied Stephanie Meyers and comparing their Bücher to each others. Their Bücher are two different genres. There is nothing to compare. Harry Potter is 10 x better than that crap.

And also people calling Draco Malfoy a death eater and that he's evil. Sure, the guy was a bully and eventually became a death eater but I will always believe that Draco was just a scare 16 Jahr old boy who just wanted to protect his mother. I think she is the only reason as to why he became a death eater and I don't blame him for that. He made a lot of mistakes but he was a teenager, teenagers do stupid things.
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posted vor 4 Monaten 
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