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Harry Potter
harry potter vs twilight
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Before Du start Lesen please understand that this is all based on MY opinion and not everyone can think the same.If Du are a Twilight Fan Du don't have to start a fight,just say Du disagree and tell us why.

Before,i gepostet an Artikel from someone who made a few reasons on why Harry Potter is better but it got flamed(I'm guessing because it was too direct.) so i decidet to point out my main 5 reaons on why i think Harry Potter is better.

1.Harry Potter character are more..alive.

Harry Potter characters have so much personality,they are interesting because of it.I can tell Du so much about...
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Supernatural imitating Twilight.
Awesome ^_^
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 Before the twilight Fans began a riot at a hot topics.
Before the twilight fans began a riot at a hot topics.
Twilight is a best-selling, Supernatural teen romance series containing the events of a human (Bella), a vampire (Edward), and a werewolf (Jacob)situations in Forks, WA as the Bücher progress. It has attracted a significantly high fan-base and it's Filme grossed to over $700 million box-office. Much of the saga's acclaims range from young Fans of the Bücher and movies, all the way to the current President of the United States. Such acclaim is also met with the negativity of the public that are against the over-all plots and messages from the saga itself. The conflicts of interests towards the...
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Ok, well I'm going to be perfectly respectful in this Artikel because I don't want to make anyone mad, I just want to make a point. If Du agree oder disagree with it, that's up to you. Please don't be rude inthe Kommentar section, and give reasons for opinions. Thanks!

Now I can start. May I just start Von saying that I am on the Harry Potter side (with all due respect to Twilight fans)

I've noticed that one of the things Twilight Fans say is that Bella is a Mehr relatable character than Harry. I think that that is a good point because technically, Du can be a normal teenager who goes to school...
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 Ginny vs Bella
Ginny vs Bella
I know that many of Du like Bella and many of Du hate her.But I Liebe Ginny Mehr than her.In fact I hate Bella.She's such a Mary-Sue.


Bella made us all realize that we cannot live if we do not have a man in our life.
Ginny made us realize that Du don't need a man in your life to live.

Bella was broken down when Edward left her.
Ginny fought for her family and Friends when Harry left her.

Bella always hurdles behind Edward when she had to face danger.
Ginny was nearly killed,but she did not back down.

Bella married just after she graduated out of school...
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