this is a story of hamtaro's sad annocement. I Am warrnig Liebhaber This is for ye! I want this to be funny,loved,and cute! I want this to be read so please read it! I want this to be LOVED SO READ IT
oder I WILL BE MAD!! SO READ IT NOW PLEASE! Please i Liebe hamtaro so plese read it i am whriting this for fun so don't be mean about it! ok? ok!
so i will whrite it tomarrow! Well atlest chapter 1! so i will talk to ye later so mean wile enjoy these radome punkuwations! ?!?!?!?!##@$%^&**(*)?><
.?!@@#$%%&>'.,;:'[]\{}|hjjgfjhfkdhjidf POP ROCKS! jfg I LIKE MONKIEZ AND PIE AND DO NOT COPPIE MY CATCH FRAZE I LIKE PIE! oder I WILL KILL YE oder YOU! ./,;l;opi ,/.[]\152726238637466548956894696956495396548548658389549865489564397835407058957857577583537895789798987548957478547854785487945537483453908997509390557048430573053705395475474580574037370834704370537057085754754790508970478984958945895;'ll;ll'/,.,'l;',.,/,,