Penny Pingleton was sat in her room, well tied in her room, she was yet again being punished Von her mother, just because she had only gotten a B in her maths test, her mother really was far too strict, it was now the summer and she had been tied her for three days, her mother bringing her up scarce amounts of Essen every now and again. She was on bad terms with her mother anyway, only because she didn’t like Penny’s boyfriend- Seaweed Stubbs- the reason Prudy Pingleton didn’t like Seaweed was because he was Black, Prudy was incredibly racist- and abusive. When Prudy had seen Penny on the live Miss Hairspray pageant Küssen Seaweed the Minute Penny got Home Prudy beat her, Penny had to try and hide the bruises but she had a feeling Seaweed had seen them although he didn’t say anything in case it upset her. Penny knew that Seaweed would be worried, they spoke normally at least three times a Tag but she hadn’t spoken to him oder seen him in nearly a week.

While Penny had been thinking she hadn’t noticed the tapping noise on her window, eventually she snapped out of her trance and turned to face the glass looking out onto the streets of Baltimore. There in the window was a face, although Penny was not scared, she knew this face far too well. She waved the figure vorwärts-, nach vorn and it entered through her window, only a Sekunde later the person had pulled out a messer and cut Penny out of the tight ropes that had bound her to her bed.

“Isn’t this the Sekunde time I’ve had to do this for Du now Penny?” The boy sagte smiling but his smiling soon faltered as he noticed the tear tracks going down Penny’s face and the tears that were in her eyes attempting to brink over.

“Baby, what is it? What’s wrong?” The person’s face once smiling and happy was now confused, concerned and slightly angry.

“Oh seaweed, Thank you. Please Du have to get me out of here. She- My mother- she tied me up here three days Vor just for getting a B on my maths test, she also- well Du know those bruises, the ones I had a few weeks ago, she gave me those when I got Home from the Miss Hairspray pageant because she saw me with Du and Du know she doesn’t really like Du but now she keeps beating me and I don’t know why and it hurts.” Penny sobbed as quietly as possible into Seaweeds shoulder while he tried to comfort her, he rubbed his hand up and down her back reassuringly before whispering in her ear.

“Penny, Babe. It’s okay don’t worry, I won’t hurt you, she won’t hurt you. Grab a bag and Du can come and stay at my house for a while, it will be okay baby girl, I promise.” Seaweed pulled his shaking girlfriend towards him before releasing her, but she didn’t move, she just looked at him with silent tears coming from her eyes.

“Seaweed, are Du sure, I mean, what about your Mom, are Du sure she won’t mind me staying?” Seaweed smiled before replying.

“Baby doll, Du know my ma already thinks of Du like her daughter, if she knew what’s had been happening she would have been down here straight away and dragging Du back to mine!” Penny Kissed seaweeds cheek before getting up and grabbing a bag, she grabbed a couple of spare pairs of clothes and a tooth brush and other bare essentials before climbing down the ladder outside of her window, she left no note, she didn’t want her mother knowing where she was oder trying to find her. Penny knew she couldn’t hide forever but she could hide for as long as possible.

“Sorry baby, we gonna have to walk ‘cos I aint got a car and there’s no busses running at this time.” Penny grabbed seaweed’s hand and squeezed it in a sign of her saying that was fine, it wasn’t a long walk and she wanted to spend some time with seaweed before quite possibly- All hell would break lose.