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How often should I feed my pregnant guinea pig her fruits and veggies, and how much each time?

I got her from the pet store about 4 weeks Vor now and shes just about doubled in size since then. She is pair-shaped and I'm almost positive she is pregnant and not just over weight. I feed her unlimited anounts of timothy and pellets, and have been giving her fresh veggies twice a Tag until recently which it is now 3 times a day. She does not want to stop eating her veggies and fruit. So my Frage is how often do I give a pregnant guinea pig fresh veggies and when I do, how much do I give her.
Her veggies consist of carrots, baby spinich, and turnup greens right now.
 darlene579 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Guinea Pigs Antwort

yazzywazzy98 said:
its me again i asked mii friend and she
sagte the usal amount no Mehr 2 a Tag
so the same as alwasy:)

glad i could help ya
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
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