What if there was a goddess that no one knew about? What if she was Mehr powerfull than Zeus but Mehr humble than Heistia? What if she was the human spirit of the sun, goddess of impulsivness, of energy, of decisions, of motivation?

Why are there all these what if's?

The goddess in question, called Anthoria, was the oldest child of Cronus and Rhea. She is sagte to be born from not her mothers womb, but from golden sunlight that fell on her mother in labor. She gave the gods the drive and fuel to keep fighting when they needed it, and took it away from her father when he had to much. She kept a fair balance, other wise what would the gods have to say for themselfs? That they killed a man when he wasnt even fighting? Anthoria knew the gods would win, but she also knew that it couldnt be easy as walking in and slitting there fathers throght. After the war, Anthoria turned herself into an eagle, only comeine out when needed.

After the war, in times of peace, Anthoria would spend her time with Artemis as her feathered hunting compainion, oder flying around Greece for her brother Zeus.

Anthoria was a magic weilder just as well as Hecate herself was, and Anthoria was Hecates first chose to help weave complicated spells that needed two people. She could do this because Hecate herself had blessed her with the use of stronger magic accidently when Hecate was born, even if she was an eagle.

Before the goddess Artemis was born, Anthoria had changed out of her eagle form and had been mid-wife to all the goddesses, mortals giving birth to half-bloods, and nymphs. But when she saw young Artemis unknowingly take Anthoria's place Von Leto's side for her twin Apollo, she knew that she would give up that diety to her.

Anthoria isnt told oder shown in any of the myths because she didnt want to be. Like told above, she was a humble goddess, and she didnt like the grand attention that cme with it.

Nowadays, its been several hundred years since Anthoria had changed out of her eagle form. She's never had a reason to. That is, untill now.

present day

Annabeth, Leo, Jason, Piper, Chiron and I stood before the gods, debating on what to do about Gia. Appaently, combining the Greeks and Romans wasnt enough to stop her. Suddenly, an eagle flew down from the ceiling and landed on Zeus's shoulder. All the gods looked at it,including Chiron, surprised.

"Anthoria, are Du sure? Woulnt it be to much energy?" Zues asked the bird. I looked at Annabeth, who looked just as confused as I felt. Since when did Zues's eagle have a name? Since when did it have anything to do with energy? Jason looked at me, but I just shrugged.

"Do Du have any idea what he's doing?" I whispered to Annabeth.

"Not a clue." Annabeth replied, clearly annouyed. Not knowing thigs mde her like that.

Suddenly, without warning, the eagle took of from Zues's shoulder and flew to the center of the half kreis of gods. As she flew, I never realsied how big she realy was. Then I realised that she was just getting bigger. So big, she was the size of a human Von the time she got to the center of the room. Then she landed aand then changed. One Minute she was a golden eagle, the Weiter she was a teenaged girl. She had golden blonde hair, friendly blue eyes that had flecks of purple in them, and was absolutly beutiul. She stood up stifly fromher crouch, and looked around the room. I realised my mouth was hanging on end, just like Annabeths, Piper's, Leo's, and Jason's.

"Welcom back Anthoria." Artemis smiled.

"Good to be back"