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dipper and mabel pines
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'Veli' is a cartoon that is identically similar to Disney's Gravity Falls that is from Tatarstan.
Reasons way. pinecest. is right.

Reason. 1. is. they. won't. find. Liebe
Reason. 2. is. They always. Liebe ❤ each other
Reason 3 is. they always. do. things. Together

Reasons. way dipper. won't. find. Liebe

Reason. 1. he. is. a. nerd

Reason. 2 he
read's. Boring books

Reason. 3. he. is. awkward

Reasons way. Mabel. won't. Find. Love

Reason 1. she. is. crazy

Reason 2. she. is. in. stupid idiot.

Reason 3. is. boys. Just don't like. Her

Reasons. Way. dipper and. Mabel. will. always. Liebe ❤. each other

Reason. 1. is. they. always. protect each other

Reason 2. is. they. love. to. go on adventures. Together

Reason. 3. is. they. Liebe to. love. each other
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