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6 Seasons of Gossip Girl

Fix Du || Gossip Girl [6x10]

Gossip Girl - Dan and Blair Scene 5.15 "Are Du gonna make your Bewegen oder what

Gossip Girl 6x08 - Blair tells Chuck she texted Jack for help

Gossip Girl S6 Episode 10 - FULL

Gossip Girl Series Finale 6x10 : 5 Years Later Dan and Serena Get Married

Gossip Girl ~ You've got the Liebe

Let It Go || Gossip Girl [6x10]

[Gossip girl- Cast ♥ 6x10, xoxo Gossip girl]

Gossip Girl 6x10 New York, I Liebe Du xoxo - 5 Years Later

Gossip Girl - Season 3 Promo - WTF (Watch This Fall)

Chuck and Blair get married || Gossip Girl "New York,I Liebe Du XOXO"

Gossip Girl Finale Shockers!

Gossip Girl 6x10 backstage and more..

Gossip Girl 2.06 - Promo #2

Gossip Girl trailer!

1.17 Promo

GG intro!

Extended promo for the finale

1x08 Sneak Peek

Gossip Girl - 2.02 Promo

Gossip Girl 1x17 'Women On The Verge' Promo

Gossip Girl Season 1 Bloopers

Nate & Blair Sex Scene

1.18 Promo

Gossip Girl - New promo for January 5th

Gossip Girl 1x14 Promo

Gossip Girl 2.07 Extended Promo

Gossip Girl - 2x04 Promo!

Gossip Girl Fall Promo

TVs Sexiest Stars: Meester/Westwick

Gossip Girl - 2.25 Promo

He could be the one Serena and nate

Gossip Girl Returns This Fall

Gossip Girl-Apologize Musik Video

Mother Chucker - promo

Serena reveals Mehr about 'that night'

Taylor Momsen escapes paparazzi

1x14 sneak peek

1x14 sneak peek 2

1x14 sneak peek 3

1x16 sneak peek 2

2.15 Gone With the Will - Extended Promo

2.15 Sneak Peek - Dan & Rufus / Penelope, Iz & Nelly

2x13 Promo

Blair - Like Me

Chuck and Blair - Naturally

Gossip Girl 1x17 "Woman on the Verge" Sneak Peek #2

Gossip Girl 2x03 Promo #1 - The Dark Night

Gossip Girl 2x13 - Extended Promo

Gossip Girl 2x15 Sneak Peak #1 - Dan/ Serena

Gossip Girl Season 3 Promo

Gossip Girl Season 5 New Promo

Gossip Girl: Blair

Gossip Girl: Season 1 Episode 12 Promo

better version New Promo

2.01: Blair/Chuck: "Have sex with me"

1x07 Promo

1x16 sneak peek

8 Simple Rules Leighton Meester

Blake Lively & Penn Badgley on The View [11/20/07]

Chuck & Blair: Deep Inside My Tears I'll Drown

Dan and Serena

Gossip Girl 1x08 Promo

Gossip Girl 2x06 Promo

Gossip Girl: Season 1 Episode 1

He Could Be The One-Nate/Jenny

New Gossip Girl Promo: "Slap"

Take me new gossip girl promo

*Like a boy* Gossip Girl

2x25 CB EPIC!!! ILY! =D

Blair & Chuck - Decode

Chuck - Blair: A Typical Yet Crazy Liebe Story

EXTENDED PROMO - 2x14 In The Realm of the Basses

Gossip Girl 1x10 CW Promo

Gossip Girl Leighton Meester Interview

gossip girl revealed outtakes/bloopers

Gossip Girl x205 Promo

Gossip Girl- Dan and Serena

Leighton Meester Gossip Girl Interview

Leighton Singen in Drive Thru

Leighton, Ed, and Chace TV Guide photoshoot

Nate & Blair - [We Belong Together]

Nate and Blair - My life would suck without Du

Season 2 Extended Vorschau

StarStruck (blair/chuck)

1x14 sneak peek 4

2.01: CB "I was scared"

Blair & Chuck - Taken over

Blair Waldorf-Shattered

blair&chuck: he could be the one [PREVIEW]

Blair/Jenny ~ Take Me Away

Breathe On Me

Ed Westwick on Live with Regis and Kelly (10.13.08)

GG - 1.18 - Dan & Blair - Serena - Chuck & Nate - Lily & Bart

GG Cast wants Du to vote

Gossip Girl - 1x11 Roman Holiday CTV Promo

Gossip Girl - The Handmaiden's Tale clip

Gossip Girl 1x13 promo

Gossip Girl 2.07 - Promo